We’re nearly a week into December now so it’s time crack out the decorations and think about Chistmas trees, music and fairy lighs. So here I go doing just that – here’s how I decorate my Christmas tree.

For anyone interested, I use a fake tree that’s 6 feet tall and came with fairy lights too. I originally had a 5 foot tree for the Gypsy Van but after a couple of years of using it I sold it on as it was simply too short for the space. A Christmas tree should be a focal point for the room it lives in. And having a short tree just seemed to take away from that idea for me, so I swapped it for a taller tree and got rid of all my red and gold decorations, opting instead for silver and white to match my decor. When I ordered a taller tree online it said pre-lit, which it was not; it came with a set of fairy lights that were the exact length for using on the tree which I actually prefer. When I decorate my tree I like to use the lights to highlight or backlight certain parts so it’s nice to not have the lights built into the branches for me.

I will say straight off that I do not like tinsel. I think it’s ugly and rustly and garish, especially when the rest of my decor is an all white vintage/minimlaist kind of mash up, tinsel would just look awful in the space I’ve got. I also like to keep my tree quite minimal with cohesive and matching ornaments so I don’t really ever go in for those hugely expensive unique looking baubles, which makes it really easy to keep the whole tree looking like everything belongs together.

Usually I put my tree up at the beginning of December and, because I love decorating Christmas trees, I’ll spend an entire afternoon in my pyjamas with Christmas music or films on just pottering about with the tree figuring out the best place for every ornament. I usually make sure to decorate the back of the tree as well but this year, since moving the living space around, I don’t need to do that as there is no space around the tree really for such things. It’s so much easier to get a full looking tree when you only have to decorate three quarters of it!

I always start with the lights and then make adjustments to their placement once the baubles are hung, so when I start hanging them I always start with my favourite ones. I do have a couple of more unique deocations and I always place them first so I can put them where I can see them and where I can arrange lights around them to make them stand out. Then the rest of the baubles for the tree are different sizes and finishes but really just used to fill spaces and frame the tree nicely.

By far my favourite part of the tree though is styling it. Once it’s all decorated I put all my wrapped presents under it ready for the big day and add to the pile as I buy and wrap more presents. I also always keep a stock of gift wrapping stuff in the Gypsy Van so I’ll usually place some goregous gift bags under there as well just to fill out any gaps.

So there you have how I decorate my Christmas tree. I’m more delighted with it this year as I have been in previous years just because I had less tree space and more ornaments to play with so it looks quite a bit fuller than it usually would. I nearly always top up just before Christmas with new multi packs of baubles as well just so I have plenty to play with.

I can’t wait to see all the cool Christmas decorations that float about on Instagram at this time of year too. I always find it so inspirational for the following year and like to save and of course Pin any that I really really love.

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