I haven’t been able to scroll through Facebook or Instagram for the past few weeks without seeing that video of the stunning girl using that super cute looking pink clay mask and having her pores magically vanish in ten minutes or so. So, obviously, when Cult Beauty sent out an email saying they’d started stocking the current viral skincare product I went and shelled out the painful sum of £39.90 for the privilege of being able to tell you guys if it’s worth the hype. As I opened the tiniest tub of clay mask known to man all I could think was “it bloody better be”!

Sand&Sky is a new, up and coming Australian skincare company run by twins Emily & Sarah Hamilton. Their adorable pale pink clay mask went viral on social media for being the ultimate clay mask for detoxifying your skin and minimising pores. The video looks too good to be true, so I’ve tested it out for myself. The Sand&Sky Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask is meant to not only detoxify your skin but also restore it’s brightness and make you look fresh as an Austarlian daisy. It’s packed with amazing sounding ingredients like aloe vera, witch hazel, pomegranate & rosemary, as well as containing vitamins A, E and lactic acid, all of which are best friends to your skin.

I was so curious to see how well this mask worked that I roped Dan in to try it as well, and he sat and played a very manly game on his Xbox while his mask dried (hilarious Snapchats ensued). I work on my skin a lot, and he has much bigger pores than I do, so his skin was a true test for this mask. And oh my God did it live up to the challenge.

After ten minutes the masks were fully dried and you could see all the excess oils had been pulled from the pores. When Dan rinsed his off he couldn’t see a difference, but I put that down to him being male and not paying attention to how his skin was beforehand. He looked Photoshopped! All the really large, dark pores were gone, his skin looked way more even in tone and much brighter. When I put the before and after photos next to each other he could see a very obvious difference and he was sold. I’m going to have to hide this mask from him so he doesn’t use it all!

On my skin it also did an excellent job. My face felt so much smoother and looked really fresh and bright, my breakouts had reduced in redness and my skin tone was much more even all over. I wanted to try outting makeup on straight after it but I try to avoid wearing makeup on a Sunday at least, to give my skin a breather from the rest of the week, so I didn’t in the end, but I can imagine wearing makeup after using this mask it would glide on like a hot knife through butter.

I’m definitely going to use the rest of this mask, and I think I’ll probably be reourchasing it as well. Yes it’s expensive, but I got masks for 2 people out of this tub and barely dented the surface of it, so I think it’ll last long enough and be so effective that it makes the price much more bearable. Verdict: 10/10, even though the price initally shocked me, I’m totally fan-girling over this mask. Sand&Sky have done a brilliant job, used lovely ingredients, and created a mask that really works and easily justifies it’s price.

Have you seen or tried this mask? Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried it and what you thought of it.

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