Featured image taken from The Pretty Little Thing Autumn Winter Coat Edit It’s been yet another age since my last Blogspiration post, but funnily enough I’m bringing it back with another Maria, with another stunning blog full of amazing content. Maria J is a gorgeous, magazine style blog with a funny, intelligent, enthusiastic voice behind … Continue Reading

I don’t know a single makeup junkie who doesn’t have a favourite palette or two, and I’m no different. Every beauty guru, blogger and lover has a post somewhere about their favourites, so today I’m doing one of my own detailing my most beloved palettes from blush to shadows and from drugstore to higher end. … Continue Reading

Do you ever have those weeks where everything seems to all go wrong at once and you feel like you’re failing miserably as a human being? That’s been me for about the last month now. It’s just been a bad few weeks of feeling like it’s all going wrong. The silver lining here is that … Continue Reading

I know right, that name is amazing! What marketing person pitched that idea at the office and said “guys I’ve got a great idea for this mascara…dinosaurs”. And I’m clearly a sucker for a marketing ploy, so I was intrigued by this mascara. At £19.50 it was maybe a little stupid of me to buy … Continue Reading

If you’ve never used Lightroom to edit photos then you won’t know how seriously I mean it when I say I adore it. It’s so much easier than Photoshop, with fewer needlessly complicated tools and a clear focus on good image editing. It’s the program I use for all my photos, even just to adjust … Continue Reading