Hey guys! We’re hours away from 2018 and what am I doing? Playing with glitter, obviously. I knew as soon as I cracked open that Festival Face glitter that it was my New Year’s makeup, and I know a glitter eye makeup, while intimidating, can be super easy with the right tools, so here’s my … Continue Reading

2017 has been quite a year, for everyone it seems. I see so many tweets at the moment about it being both people’s best and worst year all at once. I’ve done one of these 12 month review posts before, but I really do feel like 2017 has been a fantastic year for me, so … Continue Reading

It’s Christmas Eve and for most people that either means frantically wrapping presents as silently as possible or settling in for an evening of family entertainment and great food. But some of us, namely those with small families, no children and very easy wrapping to do, have this special evening in the year where we … Continue Reading

The big day is so close now so, naturally, I’ve been outside in the garden pilfering evergreens for more decorations! The last couple of years I’ve decorated our dinner table with a homemade garland of cuttings from our garden, but this year I decided to do a smaller garland for my coffee table in the … Continue Reading

Beautiful Sunday, and another beautiful Christmas party makeup look for you this week. Thanks to Beauty Bay and their amazing gift sets for this Christmas, I’ve not only got a really fun makeup look this week but also been able to use new products from brands I’ve never used before. I’ve always seen Makeup Geek … Continue Reading