My current obsession in makeup and skincare is back again with a new product. I said a little while ago that I had fallen in love with Pixi skincare and wanted to try more of their makeup, so when I saw the relatively new Natural Brow Duo on Cult Beauty that was my decision made! … Continue Reading

Hey guys! I recently got back into using my Polyvore account after I decided to create some of my own moodboards for certain plans I have for the future. Usually I’d just use Polyvore for outfit inspo, but I’ve been finding it really useful to narrow down my ideas for the office we’re hoping to … Continue Reading

I’ve got a bit of a theme going this week don’t I? Wednesday’s post was about self-care, and here’s the ultimate self-care night in. So light some candles and incense, stick on your favourite podcast or music, and follow these steps for the ultimate at home spa night. Or day. Whichever. I’ve done a post … Continue Reading

Hi guys! There’s been quite a bit of stress and new challenges recently both for me personally and for the Twitter-verse in general. So today I thought I’d share the love and list some of my favourite things to do when you just need to take care of number one. Some of these are things … Continue Reading

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I’m giving you a closer look at some of my absolute favourite brushes. Some of them are high end and a couple of them are really affordable drugstore brushes. I’m really late to the party with Real Techniques brushes but now I have a few I absolutely love them! A good … Continue Reading