I think I’ve already said in a previous post that this time of year is great for having a clear out and getting rid of all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the previous months and start anew. And for months and months now I’ve been meaning to clear out my dressing room and get rid … Continue Reading

I know, skincare is my obsession! But, from all the products I’ve tried, all the work I’ve put in to my skin, and all the problems I’ve had with it, I know that your skin is the single most important thing about external beauty. If you apply makeup of any quality to skin that’s badly … Continue Reading

We know each other well enough now for me to admit that I live a very quiet, indoor life. We’re also close enough for me to admit that I live vicariously through excellent TV shows and movies, but I do have one more admission to make – I don’t watch any ‘normal’ television. I can’t … Continue Reading

So, the good news today is that Real Techniques have recently launched a whole new range of brushes. The bad news is that when I went to pick some up to blog about them, I had to make a choice of one since they’re quite a bit more expensive than you’d expect from RT. £25.00 … Continue Reading

So as long term readers will know from a previous post, I used to be a dancer. For 15 years I trained in ballet and at ten and fourteen years old I auditioned for the Royal Ballet. Both times I was unsuccessful, thanks for asking. But those years of training left me with some very … Continue Reading