When I was a kid I would try my hardest to ‘get tanned’, which in reality meant that I would sit my pale ass outside in the sun and burn to a crisp before peeling for several weeks and then being the exact same shade of Dulux Brilliant White that I was beforehand. I convinced myself that I was tanned after the peeling was finished, but I never was. The only difference that you could see was a band of unruly and rather adorable freckles that would appear across my nose and the tops of my cheeks. I wished they were there all the time, but as I grew older and wiser, and realised the sun was my enemy, I had to sacrifice the freckle life.

But, there’s makeup right?! So I stumbled across photo evidence of my freckle days when Dan & I were clearing out a shed and just thought they were so cute I’d like to get them back. So I recreated them with makeup and they actually looked so real that my family didn’t notice a difference. My mum said she thought I’d just been out in the rare Easter sun we had, my brother didn’t notice anything at all, and Dan had never seen me with freckles before, so he was delighted (closet freckle fan).

The only problem with faux freckles is the time – after applying my foundation and concealer I set to work with a tiny detailing brush, dampened in water and my Nyx Love Contours All Palette. I used both contour shades in the palette to give some variety and depth and I just kept dotting them around and then softening them off with my fingers. For those that are particularly difficult to blend, I went back in with my foundation brush or concealer brush and very lightly tapped over them. This really helps the freckles look natural as real freckles are so varied when you really look at them.

Once I had applied enough freckles and was happy that they looked sufficiently natural I just lightly set them with a tapping of loose powder, followed by a light pink blush to further give that slightly sun-kissed look (as sun-kissed as I can be anyway). To finish the look and keep it fresh and natural I filled in my brows with black eyeshadow and set them with a clear gel, and then put the tiniest amount of mascara just on the roots of my lashes. On my lips I went for a classic nude that wasn’t all that dissimilar to my natural lip colour and then, thinking my eyes needed a touch more defining, I went in with the lighter contour shade as a crease colour on a big fluffy blending brush.

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