Now, I’m not talking the real problems that come with being an introvert here, but more the little day to day things that so many people take for granted. If, like me, you’re an introvert with a customer facing job, you’ll definitely see something in this post that makes you go “God same”. If you’re not an introvert then maybe this post will give you a little insight into how daily life looks from another perspective.

The phone

We’ve all had that moment of internal panic when our phone rings when we’re not expecting it. But when you’re at work you expect the phone to ring; the problem with that for introverts is any time the phone rings, expected or not is a cause for a little OMG moment because you don’t know whose on the other end of that phone. In my case, I always panic that it’s going to be a genuine emergency that requires decisive action, which funnily enough leads me to my very next struggle.

Executive decisions

So called because I am not qualified to make them. There’s possibly nothing worse in my day to day life than being left alone to make a decision about something that I am not at all capable of making. This is a daily part of my job, and everytime it happens I just have to take a deep breath, take a second to centre myself, and then say the first thing that pops into my head. This one is particularly tricky when you’re also trying to serve another customer or deal with other things.

Always having to be smiley

Let’s be honest, it’s exhausting having to constantly be polite, patient and friendly to people. I’m very lucky in my job that everyone I work with also finds this very challenging, so I can at least be a bit more realistic around them. But for the most part, seeing people in the supermarket, at work, walking to or from work, or even passing in their cars requires a smile at the very least, usually more, and it’s draining after a very short while.

“Let’s do something this evening/this weekend”

Let’s bloody not. I love going home at the end of the day, throwing on my jammies and watching Netflix whilst I edit photos and write posts. I don’t have all that much ‘me’ time, so when I do I like it to be free so I can spend it doing whatever I need to to recharge my batteries. People who want to spend evenings seeing other people (after we’ve all been at work talking to people) are a little scary to me. Why don’t you want to go home and cuddle your cat or do some lovely silent yoga?!

Being interrupted

Alright, this ones the worst. I’ve noticed that a lot of introverts are also mono-taskers, and we like to work through things methodically and one at a time so that we get everything done that we need to. Getting distracted or interrupted makes me feel a bit like I’m drowning – if I have 5 things to get done I try my best to always complete each one before moving on, but of course that can’t always be the case. Whenever I have to multi-task by force (as I call it, rather than being interrupted) I get very, very frustrated and feel like I’m wading through mud. There’s a whole post I could write on mono-tasking, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

So there are some of my daily struggles in being an introvert. They’re nothing like the struggles of introverts with more serious struggles, but they’re points that I think a lot of people will identify with and relate to. I could be so much more introverted, but I have no choice in being chatty and friendly for most of the day, so those moments away from everyone else are just so precious and exactly what we all need to regroup and get going again.

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