You’ll have seen these brushes floating about my Instagram over the last few weeks, and I’ve been slowly collecting more and more of these gorgeous Zoeva Bamboo beauties for the past few months now. I’m totally obsessed and today I’m sharing my collection and talking a little bit about why I love these brushes so much. There’s still a few missing from my set, but I just couldn’t wait any longer to give these brushes some love.

Of course, the best thing about Zoeva in general is that everything is cruelty free, and in the case of these bamboo brushes, the synthetic bristles are offset by the eco-friendly use of bamboo. You’ll know from a couple of previous posts that I’m trying to reduce my waste and use of plastic in day to day life, and these brushes are perfect for that. I’m on a real bamboo kick at the moment, so they also fit in brilliantly with my new addiction.

So far in my collection I have the Luxe Face Definer (101), Face Shape (110), Smudger (226), Luxe Crease Brush (228), and the Luxe Smoky Shader (234). I use the Face Definer every day to apply loose powder to set my base and I have to say, with it being a smaller, more tapered brush shape it really does get into all those little nooks that you often find concealer or foundation creasing in. It’s amazing to be able to set my base quickly but also get that level of accuracy that means it lasts better throughout the day. The brush itself is not only a great shape but also has the softest bristles of any brush I’ve ever used.

The Face shape is one that I’ve seen countless times used by Lisa Eldridge to apply foundation, and I have used it for that myself. It’s very small for applying foundation but it does a good job as a buffer for applying a really thin layer and building up coverage. The best thing I’ve found it does it blend away edges of concealer, foundation, blush or contour, and with what little product you have left on the brush you can really diffuse highlighter as well. A really good all round brush and one that has been a genuinely useful addition to my kit.

The eye brushes are, quite frankly, the best I’ve ever tried. The Smudger is great not only for smoking out shadows but also for packing it onto the lid and creating a beautifully blended halo of colour. The Smoky Shader is really soft and effortlessly blends colours together, creating a stunning soft look to any shadow. I’ve used all these brushes with drugstore and high end shadows and, other than a little extra work being required for the cheaper shadows, it does a perfect job with every single one. The Luxe Crease brush is possibly my favourite of the eye brushes though. It’s tapered enough to be ideal for defining just the crease, without too much shadow blowing out to other parts of the eye area, but it’s also soft and versatile enough that you can really blend out the shadows, making it a winner for transition shades and crease defining alike.

All these brushes are not only stunning to look at, well made and excellent value, but they also come from a brand with a great ethos and amazing pedigree as being a brand favoured by professionals. I’m almost a bit annoyed with myself for not trying more Zoeva products sooner; I’ve known about the brand for years but never thought to give them much of a shot until now, but I’ll definitely be using more of Zoeva’s products and of course be completing my brush collection.

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