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It’s been yet another age since my last Blogspiration post, but funnily enough I’m bringing it back with another Maria, with another stunning blog full of amazing content. Maria J is a gorgeous, magazine style blog with a funny, intelligent, enthusiastic voice behind it. Maria is also bloody hilarious on Twitter, and posts beautiful Instagram photos with genuine and relateable captions. And all that with 10k plus followers makes her a rare thing indeed – a blogger with a larger following that hasn’t forgotten who she is or what it takes to be great at the job.

As usual with these posts, I’ve been allowed to pilfer Maria’s gorgeous blog and pick my favourite highlights for you guys so you can see what she does and just how beautifully she does it. All the links to the original posts are here too and I stongly recommend that for an example of a brilliantly thought out blog you go and give her a follow. Maria is one of my biggest blogging inspirations, and she’s been so kind to let me write this post to share her work, so a huge thank you to her for being super cool about me snooping around!

The Dreamiest Afternoon Tea


Making Everyday Essentials More Exciting


If I Lived Life According to Vogue

I’m just going to interrupt your scrolling for a second here to say one quick thing. Maria’s photography is some of the best I’ve come across in blogging. It makes everything look so idyllic and soft and pretty – it’s just goals basically. The lifestyle photography angle to every post makes the whole experience of reading Maria’s blog more like reading a high end magazine (but with a real voice instead of a pay-per-word hack). Anyway, as you were…

I Stopped “Trying” To Gain Instagram Followers


A Day In Paris
The New Seasonal Go To: The Jumper Dress

There’s really something for everyone on Maria’s blog, and whether you’re a fellow blogger or not, an avid reader or you simply love to look at beautiful images, Maria’s blog is the perfect place for all of it. It’s a lovely place to sit with a cuppa and just scroll and click. I’ve loved curating this little list of my favourite posts and I hope you all find something to love over on Maria J and don’t forget once you’re done swooning over her blog you can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Got your own Blogspiration I should check out? Drop me links to your favourite blogs below so I can check them out!

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I love maria! She’s everything you mentioned and more! I actually have my own series of favorite bloggers, and she’s on my list too! Great post Liv xxx

Melina | melinaelisa.com


Thanks Melina! She’s such a lovely person and so good at what she does xxx

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