I don’t know a single makeup junkie who doesn’t have a favourite palette or two, and I’m no different. Every beauty guru, blogger and lover has a post somewhere about their favourites, so today I’m doing one of my own detailing my most beloved palettes from blush to shadows and from drugstore to higher end. You’ll have seen these all in my makeup look posts a lot over the years and that’s because I not only prefer to use what I already own, but I really do love every single one of these products.

L’Oreal Infallible Blush Paint Palette

I use this every single day for my super quick work makeup, and I really love every single shade in this one. If I’m doing a look that wants a subtle flush of colour then the paler shades in this palette are perfect, and the stronger colours are better for bolder looks. The other great thing about this one is that every single shade suits my colouring so this is one of those rare palettes that I can make use of every single pan which, I think, makes it one of the best value for money palettes I own.

Sleek MakeUP Solstice Highlight Palette

The infamous internet favourite and for good reason. Even on super pale skin like mine all these highlighters are usable and look really pretty on. The cream products in this palette are very subtle and natural which is brilliant for healthy, glowy, natural looks, and I’ve used the creams for several ‘no makeup’ looks over the years. The powders are a lot more glittery and great for nights out and bolder looks. And this is another palette that I can use every pan of which is amazing for a highlighter product.

Nyx Love Contours All Palette

Drugstore price, nearly a full face of makeup, and the colours are so well thought out. This is one of my favourite Nyx products, along with the Brow Gel and Jumbo Eye Pencil. Some of the individual products in this palette simply don’t work with my colouring or my oersonal taste, so there’s a few parts I don’t make use of, but even so this is one of the better value palettes I own. All the eyeshadows in this one work so well together and there’s a great amount of possible looks and variations you can achieve with this palette.

Crown Smoke It Out Too Palette

For a straight up eye shadow palette this is one of the best. The amount of colours and possible looks, the price which is amazing in itself, and that the shadows are actually really nice are all things that make this palette one of my favourite eye palettes. There’s a few shadows that have quite a bit of fall out, but they’re shimmer shadows and as they have a higher glitter content they’re always going to be more likely to be a little chalky to work with. The matte shadows are particularly good and the colour range is perfect for just about any makeup look.

Kat Von D Chrysalis Palette

The most expensive product on my list but worth every single penny. I adore the formula for these shadows; I’ve never used eye shadow that’s so buttery and blendable. The pigment is also mental and the pay off is to die for. As far as value goes, this maybe isn’t the best since the colours are very specific, but it’s still well worth the money. The silvery highlighter shadows are perfect for pale skin or cool toned makeup looks, and the brighter colours are amazing for really stand-out, unique looks. I’ve always seen other KVD palettes and not been too fussed by the colour choices, but this one is all colours that I have and will use here and there, and I just can’t get over the perfect forumla.

None of these palettes are new, in fact as makeup products go they’re all pretty old news, but I still love them and use them a lot because they are the best I’ve found. I could add new palettes to my makeup collection every payday, but that would be a waste of money and product. I have everything I need for all occasions, plus I’m saving a huge amount of space on individual shadows, contours, blushes etc. A few carefully chosen palettes are better than hundreds of them that you never use and go rotten, which even powder products will do eventually.

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