One of the biggest challenges of tiny living is creating storage space when you have no physical space for it to inhabit. The Gypsy Van has plenty of storage that’s not actually at all practical, so when it came time for me to organise all those annoying bits and pieces that one collects through life, I had a bit of a challenge. After all, you can’t just shove things into a cupboard or drawer that’s just a big empty space, you’d never be able to find anything! But storage doesn’t have to be ugly, like so many options are, and with a bit of planning, it can become part of your decor and fit in perfectly with the rest of your interior.

Kitchen storage

If you know me at all, you’ll know I love a good Kilner jar, and it’s a perfect solution to awkward storage space in kitchens, or if, like me, you have to keep certain things out of cupboards. I use bigger 2 litre Kilner jars for storing cereals on some open shelves I have, and these dinky little ones for tea bags and sugar. They add an extra bit of industrial vibes, a pop of colour from the rubber seals, and valuable airtight storage for all our daily groceries.

Trinkets & jewellery

Everyone gathers little bits and pieces over the years; some are sentimental, some are essential, and some, like Dan’s, are music related. Either way they’re small, easy to lose and really rather annoying to store away. These little trinkets can’t exactly be stored in a big space like a drawer or cupboard, so cute little trinket boxes or decorative storage like the cut glass container above make for the perfect compromise.

Jewellery boxes in general aren’t really my taste. I don’t like the internal set ups and I often find the designs are a little too granny-ish for me. A friend gave me this super cute mini set of drawers a few years ago and it’s perfect for my jewellery collection. There are so many lovely little bits on the market like it, but this one fits my aesthetic and is super useful to boot.

Pretty bedroom storage

Open shelves and awkward bedroom storage in the Gypsy Van meant that I had a whole load of stuff that needed to be kept out in the open but didn’t look too good. I can’t even remember where I got this shabby chic hat box from as it was years ago, but it’s the perfect place to store all my old dance things like shoes and certificates. These things are pretty enough on their own, but when you want to keep hold of beaten up pointe shoes and grubby leg warmers you need to tuck them away!

Living in a tiny home means having to be a little more creative with how you store things. With so many big empty blocks of storage space but so many little bits lying around, making storage work in my decor is not only the easiest but also a nice way to add detail and interest to my space whilst also having a very practical application.

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Aaah I love the organization! I’m a real sucker for organized things, it’s just so perfectly neat. You’ve got a beautiful home. And I love how you use the jars in the kitchen both as storage and decoration. When my girlfriend and I move into our new flat this is something I’ll make sure to remember. Have a good one! 😄


Awh thank you! My place is full of “it’ll look pretty and I can put stuff in it” haha! Nothing better than an organised home 🙂 thanks for reading and good luck with your move x

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