A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the Nyx Love You So Mochi Electric Pastels palette and I promised a makeup look using it, so that’s exactly what today is. I really wanted to create something really bright but also wearable as the last makeup look I did was all red so it was a little less ‘night out’ and a little bit Rocky Horror by comparison! So this is a lot more wearable and really summery which is nice considering summer is (hopefully) just around the corner, for some of us anyway.

The nice thing about the Love You So Mochi palette is so many of the colours work really nicely together so other than a base matte shade to help with blending you can create a whole shadow look with just the one product, which is always a bonus. I’ve also been absolutely amazed by the qualities of the shadows in this palette, as I wasn’t expecting the pressed pigments to be as blendable and easy to work with, and to be honest, I was expecting them to have a lot more fall out. I did my base first and then thought I’d need to clean up and reapply, but I actually didn’t which is just fantastic for a pigment.

I really wanted to use the yellow shade, just because it’s such an unusual colour for eyeshadow, so that kind of dictated the rest of the shadow application. I ended up using all the pressed pigments in the pink shades, which I didn’t intend but it worked out really well. And using the yellow as the inner third colour and inner corner highlight adds a fun pop of colour, and since it’s such a reflective pigment it does a great job of highlighting.

For my lashes I used a new mascara that I’ve been testing for a while, and have to say I’m feeling it. The Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Escalator mascara is firstly, proof that I’m a sucker for marketing and will buy something purely based off how weird or cool the packaging is, but secondly and more importantly, it’s actually a really good mascara. For £19.50 I was worried it was just a bit gimicky, but actually I really like it and find it lasts really well throughout the day. Honestly, if you’re looking for a new mascara then try this one, it’s pretty darned good.

For the lower lash line I simply mirrored what I’d done on the lid, and smoked it out with a fluffy brush. A slick of the trusty Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk on the inner waterline brought a little more contrast and helped define the shadows under the lower lash line. I did a small wing as well just because when I was finished with the shadows the lashes looked a little separate from the rest of the look so liquid liner right against the lash line just helps bring everything together.

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