How many times in a week do you say “I couldn’t live without…” and then finish the sentence with something comparatively unnecessary like your phone or your favourite shoes? I’m always doing this and when I start to notice it, it feels really, really melodramatic. And the other day I got to thinking about all the things I genuinely would struggle to live life without, so I thought I’d list them today.


I absolutely could not survive without my family. They keep me grounded and can talk to me straight and stop me from overthinking things and consequently panicking. I’m not much of a social butterfly, so having a family that I can rely on is a definite lifeline for me as I don’t have very many friends. Having people around you who have no choice but to deal with all your weirdness is a blessing really.

My Pets

I have two cats who live with Dan and I in the Gypsy Van and there’s also my family dog (who looks like a wizard) and I couldn’t have lived on my own for as long as I did without animals around to chat to and keep me entertained. As much as I love my own company, a pet just makes anywhere feel more homely, not to mention it’s lovely waking up in the morning to find Lola in bed next to me all cuddled up. I tried really hard to get a photo of Lola and Ori, the dog, but they’re both grumpy old women and wouldn’t sit still long enough, so the above photo is little Miss Violet in all her modelling glory.


I know that sounds stupid, but having adult acne means that my self-confidence is tied pretty directly to the condition of my skin. If my skin is having the most horrendous breakout then you can bet I’m having a crap week or month or however long it takes to get under control again. As futile and silly as this may be, it’s something that I’ve simply learnt to live with. I have regular days every week when I won’t wear any makeup, but being out in public without any slap on is really, really difficult when I’m having a bad skin day. Skincare keeps me feeling much happier about it even when the breakouts occur because I at least know and feel like I’m doing my best to get a grip on it.

My Bed

I’m a sleepy girl. My bed is one of my true loves in life and the end of the day and those gorgeous weekend lie-ins are absolute bliss to me. Without a comfy bed and bedding I’d be unbelievably unhappy and the worst person in the world. I also feel like we’re bombarded with noise, colour, information and just an all round sensory assault every waking minute of the day, so having a lovely comfy bed that you can collapse on at the end of all that and really switch off is definitely one of lifes little blessings.


A relatively new one for me I’ll admit, but I don’t know what I’d do now without my workouts. My midweek kettle bells class is fantastic for airing all the work-related anger or frustration I build up, and doing yoga whenever I can at home makes me feel amazing. I’ve always struggled with being fully confident in my body, even when I was dancing a lot, so feeling in control of my limbs and feeling how much stronger I am now compared to when I first started is really helping me feel confident in what my body can do and how it’s built. A regular work out schedule is also great for limiting the symptoms and side affects of my PCOS, so without low impact exercise I’d be struggling with confidence issues as well as medical ones. No thank you!

Everyone has things that they’d struggle to survive without, and these five are just the most important to me personally. When I sat down to write this post the first four were really easy, but it took me a little while to decide what the fifth one was. It was only when I spent an hour at home doing yoga one evening that I realised how much happier it makes me, so that made the decision for me. I love posts like this because they’re perfect for remembering all the good things in life that we all have, even when we’ve had crap days or weeks.

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