It feels like forever since I did a lip product post, but in my defence, when one has lips as pathetic as mine you just tend to ignore them and hope they don’t draw too much attention away from your eyes! But sometimes a product catches my eye and I just have to try it. On an endless quest to find a solution to my pout problems with only makeup, the PlumpLine liner by Buxom sounds like it might just be the product of my dreams.

There’s a lovely range of shades available in this product, and they all come with a lip liner pencil on one end and a brush to help with blending and lip contouring. I chose this really cool orangey red shade (called Infrared) as it reminded me of the shades you’d see in a lot of 60’s movies and photos; it’s a new shade for me as I usually always go for a classic bright red, but it’s nice to mix it up a little y’know? Also, for just £15 for a good sized, super blendable lip pencil it seems like pretty good value for money, but is it really?

The first thing I noticed, and one of the best things about the product, was that the pencil is really soft and blendable which is lovely as it won’t dry your lips out as much as most of the more popular lip products these days. The quality is lovely, the colour’s good, but can it make my teeny tiny lips look fuller and poutier? Below is a before and after of using the Buxom PlumpLine Lip Liner on my natural lip shape so you can really see what it does within the confines of what Mother Nature gave me.

One of the biggest lip trends both now and throughout makeup history has been to make them look bigger through over drawing, which I personally have always struggled with, but maybe with the Buxom PlumpLine it’s easier to convincingly overdraw ones lips. It is really easy to blend the pencil out with the built in brush as the pencil is really soft, but I have noticed that because it’s so blendable, it doesn’t last very long at all. I tested this product on a day trip to Inverness and before I’d even had a cup of tea it was wearing away which was a little annoying. It required a lot of touching up throughout the day.

So as far as longevity goes with the Buxom PLumpLine, there is none, but it does allow me to overdraw my lips more easily than a harder pencil, but when you’d have to be doing that every hour or so to maintain it then it doesn’t seem like a big enough advantage really. The pencil being so soft also means it blunts very quickly, so a crisp line is really only possible once before you need to sharpen it again to keep your look in tact.

The overall quality of the Buxom lip liner is nice, but there are certain things about it that make the £15 price tag seem a little much. Fifteen quid on something that requires sharpening before every single use and needs retouching every hour or so isn’t such great value as I first thought it would be. I’m disappointed, but I’m probably going to continue to use this product in the future for shorter life makeup looks as it’s just such a lovely colour. 5/10, mostly just for the colour and initial look, but I can’t get past the longevity, or lack thereof.

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