I know what you’re thinking, and yes marble is a huge trend right now. But it’s also a classic material for kitchens, in particular countertops. The brilliant thing about marble being so in fashion is that it’s meant I’ve been able to get ‘marble’ kitchen countertops in the Gypsy Van for the tiniest fraction of the cost, weight or effort. It was really easy to do and took Dan and I just an afternoon, so today’s post is  a little step by step gallery and a timelapse video of it too.

I wanted white countertops to compliment the white and grey tones in the subway tile wallpaper, but I originally wanted them to be totally plain. The problem I had with that was that it was surprisingly difficult to find a plain white glossy wrap that wasn’t marketed as being for cars (therefore making it super expensive), and y’all know I love me a budget reno, so that wasn’t an option.

The marble effect wrap I went for in the end was less than £30 on Amazon, with free shipping and it arrived really fast. I spent a long time looking for a marble effect that wasn’t super dark as well as I didn’t want it to pull focus and become the main feature of the kitchen space.

The first thing that’s really key when using this idea to recover your worktops is to clean the surfaces really, really well. I used my Method bathroom cleaner for that as it’s so good at cutting through grease. Then I dried them with a clean towel to make sure they were fully clean and dry and the self-adhesive backing would take to the original Formica. You’ll get a sense of just how long the cleaning and prep work took in the timelapse; we also used the opportunity to chip off some very old spilt paint!

When it came to measuring the first few pieces, we decided to over measure and then trim later as the roll of wrap was a little bubbly when we unrolled it, so it was difficult to get a really accurate measurement. Luckily though the edges of the roll were nice and straight so it was really easy to trim it down and line all the pieces up next to each other. I was adamant I wanted it to wrap fully over the edge of the worktop so we laid it down in width sections so that we could get a solid piece from front to back.

It was a little fiddly in parts, namely the corners of the hob which are rounded, and some parts of it needed to be trimmed so minutely that it took quite a while., but that’s why everyone should have a Dan in their lives. He spent so long cutting around the rounded corners and doing all the annoying little bits that I just didn’t have the patience for.

To make sure we didn’t get any bubbles at all, we made use of a relatively soft plastic paint scraper that we had from previous decorating projects. It was so much quicker than using a tiny credit card or something else so small, and had the advantage of being a straight edge and thin enough to help push the wrap right into the corners. It really helped and I would definitely say that if you’re going to do this then get a paint scraper for sure.

In the end it turned out so well. The finish of the vinyl wrap is lovely and smooth and glossy and it looks so much brighter and more expensive than the previous laminate beige we had. For the cost of a couple of hours and £30 we updated our kitchen from a truly 70s looking beige nightmare to a classic, timeless, modern kitchen. It was a really easy Sunday afternoon project and a nice thing to have for two people to do together that doesn’t require a lot of thought or particular skill! If I think it’s easy then trust me guys, it’s easy AF.

I really hope you guys like the mixed media style of post that this turned into, and I hope you all like my new kitchen counters! It was a fun project and I love how my kitchen looks now.

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