Red is one of those makeup colours that I own a fair bit of but, other than a classic red lip I hardly ever make use of it. So since Valentine’s day is pretty close, I thought I’d use some of the lovely red tones in my makeup kit to create an all red makeup look. Obviously when using red eyeshadows there are certain issues, mostly that you never want to end up looking like you’ve got a nasty eye infection, so there are ways of using it that are slightly different to other colours. I still have loads of that gorgeous red Nyx glitter left as well, so this look was a perfect excuse to use it again!

As always with a new colour or shadow (and especially with glitter) I did the main part of the eye makeup first, starting with a white shadow all over and a red transition shade through the crease. Once I was happy with the saturation of colour, I cut the crease with a tiny concealer brush and a little of my classic Collection concealer before applying clear lash glue and the glitter in stages to try and get it as even as possible.

By the time I’d done my eyes and started my base I was pretty sure I wanted my skin to look super glowy to compliment the glitter, so I only thoroughly powdered my T-zone and any concealed areas, and then with the remaining powder on the brush I just ran over the rest of the base too. This was more just for blending my contour, blush and highlight which were all powder, but I didn’t want them to drag on an un-powdered base, so a very light dusting prevents that and helps with blending.

Because I wanted the skin to be really highlighted I of course used the highlighter shade in the Kat Von D Chrysalis palette. There’s so much pigment and they’re so finely milled that it’s easy to get a beautifully blended cheek highlight even with this eyeshadow. I’ve listed the name of the shadow itself in the list of products at the end of this post, as well as all the other details.

The other thing to be aware of when doing so much colour is that you may or may not need blush. It depends entirely on the colour you’re using, your colouring, and where you’re applying the colour. A dark red lip and a red glitter eye on skin as pale as mine meant that I needed a little more blusher than I would usually need. I was already aware of this from doing red lips and dark eye looks before, so I simply wait until everything else is done before I add blush to a look like that.

I didn’t do massively heavy brows either for the simple fact that I wanted the whole focus of the eyes to be on the red glitter. I’m currently loving doing a slightly lighter brow with a black eyeshadow and then a slick of brow gel. I’m also currently loving the Pixi Brow Tamer clear brow gel for this as it’s not quite as bulletproof as the gel in the Natural Brow Duo, but it still holds my brows nicely all day.

Full list of products:

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