I love watching videos of people’s morning routines on YouTube; there’s something so aspirational about them and I always watch them feeling like I could be like that. Waking up early on a weekend and spending an hour or so just padding about the Gypsy Van with a cup of tea and my own thoughts – bliss. I’ve wanted to do one of these posts for a while, but I was in need of some inspiration and lovely early morning light to get the right images and feeling, but I finally got there the other week and here we are.

So here’s my very own weekend morning routine.

A fairly early start, a good cup of tea and a scroll through the many socials that we’re all now slave to. Replying to comments, checking emails and getting to know the stories of the day. A bit like reading a morning paper, but y’know, Millenial.

Next I open up my amazing Hello Day planner and write my to do list for the day ahead, including which posts I need to do photos for and how many I need to create for each upcoming post. I really like to up my skincare on a weekend as I often don’t wear any makeup for the whole weekend so this is when I’ll do a mask of some sort. Sheet masks are always my favourite for moisturising and brightening, or there’s my lovely Sand&Sky clay mask for a morning detox.

I’ve been trying to do more yoga at home recently, and the mornings are a perfect time for that. Starting the day off right with even just twenty minutes of yoga and mobility is great to put you in a good mood and set you up for a lovely, productive day. Even just a few minutes of breathing exercises and meditation can help you order your thoughts and get yourself in the right mind for the rest of the day.

Obviously once you’ve done yoga you need a healthy breakfast to refuel and give you a boost for the rest of your weekend errands. I’m not a massive fan of breakfast, but on a weekend I think it’s a nice part of the day and can really set a Saturday or Sunday apart from the other days of the week when you just don’t have time to look after yourself properly.

This weekend morning routine really helps me relax and take time for myself, looking after parts of my life that get left behind during the business of the weekdays. Or at least, it would do if any of this was real. This is what my weekend mornings actually look like…

Yep. I hate mornings. It doesn’t matter what I’ve got planned, even just a lazy day at home, I hate getting up in the morning. I never have breakfast, I never do yoga, I never sit and plan my day before it starts, I simply try to survive the first 3 hours of any day. But I’ve always really wanted to be one of those people who do all those lovely things in the morning. To be a morning person would be quite an achievement for me! I just thought this post would be a little fun and basically enable me to live out my dream of being a super cool morning person with their life together, instead of the nest-haired disaster that I actually am. It was fine whike it lasted but I like my weekend lie ins just as much to be honest.

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