My last dip in the proverbial pool of Korean skincare was a bit of a hit and a miss. I reviewed the TonyMoly Panda’s Dream Eye Patch last year and liked them, but had to admit that they didn’t do what they promised they would, so I was in two minds about the brand. Since then though I’ve seen some really good reviews from other people about other TonyMoly products, so I thought I’d test some more out and see if they were a little more accurate. There’s only two masks featured in these photos because that’s all I had left by the time I decided to write a review on them!

Amazon sell quite a wide range of TonyMoly products, including these bundles of sheet masks for just £18.98 from an independant seller. The sheet masks in particular have been something I’ve wanted to try since I first heard about this brand, so I couldn’t help myself when I saw such a great bundle.

I’ve been working my way through these masks for a good few weeks now and have to say the stand out ones for me are the moisturising Aloe and the brighening lemon ones. They’re by far my favourites, but the others aren’t without their advantages either. Unlike the Panda’s Dream patches, the sheet masks actually do what they promise to do. And they do it rather well too.

The Aloe Vera moisturising mask was the first one I tried. I used it before bed one night and woke up in the morning with really soft skin that looked amazing. The lemon brightening mask was great for a no makeup day when I wanted to give my skin a little boost, and it really did look brighter. The results from the others were less immediately obvious, but I really like them all, and there’s something so relaxing and indulgent about a sheet mask anyway.

Having started off not sure about TonyMoly as a brand I have to admit I’m totally sold on their sheet masks and would definitely buy this bundle again. All the masks in the pack are effective and it’s a really great value for money pack if you’re looking for a multitude of skincare benefits.

I have one negative about these masks, and it effects every single one of them. I’ve found them to be so saturated in whatever serum they’re using that they drip when I’m using them. I love a sheet mask that’s got loads of product on it, but when it starts dripping down your neck and soaking into your clothes it’s not so good. There’s so many masks out there that you can use without having to worry about the product staining or soaking into your top that I find it difficult to believe TonyMoly can’t make theirs the same.

It’s almost the same job summing all this up as it was the last time I tested a TonyMoly product – it’s nice, but not without it’s faults. The big difference here though is that the sheet masks actually do what they say they’ll do, and they do a nice job. I just wouldn’t ever recommend using one of these sheet masks if you’re wearing something you really love, just in case the serum leaves a nasty grease stain or something. Good value for money, a lovely range of mask options, and only one fault isn’t too bad though. 7/10, would purchase again but only for use in pyjamas that I don’t care about much!

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