…is that I hate it. That’s the problem I currently have with Instagram. It’s become such a chore, boring, uninspiring, and I feel like I have nothing interesting to share. I see so many amazing accounts that inspire me and I want to create images that I love as much as these other accounts do, but I just can’t seem to find anything interesting to say. Growing an organic following on the gram has been about as much fun as standing in a room full of strangers shouting “I swear I’m interesting and take a decent photo” while they all look at me blankly and then silently walk away.

So I’ve decided I’m going to do something about it. I’m not going to worry about whether or not I dip below 1000 followers again (which has stressed me out much more than it should have) and I’m going to just post images that I think are beautiful and that either tell part of a story or show something beautiful in my life.

I think the biggest problem I personally face with Instagram is that I’m a total hermit. I don’t really go anywhere, or see anyone much and I almost never remember to take loads of photos when I do have something interesting going on. I’m not going to sit here and say ‘I’m too into the moment to take a photo’, but I do think when I’m doing something new or exciting I feel super awkward cracking out my phone and being that douche who watches stuff happen through their camera app.

When I first started promoting my blog on Instagram it lost me quite a few followers, but I soon replaced them with ones who were interested in the same stuff as me, and as a consequence, I gained a lot of engagement. But these days it feels like posting is just another part of a job I barely have time to dedicate to. I love blogging so much, but working full time and creating two posts a week plus my normal day to day life makes a little thing like editing, posting, captioning and hashtagging a photo such a chore that I either don’t bother or do a rush job of all of it when I’m on my lunch break from work or in a quiet moment tucked in a corner somewhere. The result is that I am not proud of my grid or the information I’m sharing with my followers.

So this weekend past I had a three day weekend and spent a large part of it creating images for several days worth of Insta goodness. I put a lot of thought into what kind of images I wanted to create and share and then I sat down, took them all in one day and started editing them in Lightroom. Sharing proper photos instead of phone snaps is definitely something I’ve thought about before, but I’ve never been organised or motivated enough to actually do it.

And for the first time in months, I’m actually really excited to share all these images with my followers. I personally love every single image I’ve chosen and edited; I’ve also decided that I’d like my own account more if all my images had a more cohesive look – think a story presented in little chunks though rather than a theme. Instagram themes make me super jealous, but I don’t have the motivation or will power to stick to one. I tried once and then kept ruining it with landscapes and other random photos that I truly loved, so instead I’m simply going to tell a little tale of my life, share some cool behind the scenes stuff from the blog, and post a lot more interior images too. The Gypsy Van goes down very well on Insta so this is one of the things I’m most excited about.

I’m also really quite old school about things and have always preferred the look of a photo taken on a proper camera than on my crappy old iPhone, so using my trusty Canon (his name is Colin for anyone wondering), I’m going to be taking, editing and sharing proper high quality photos that I’d like to see in a feed. I guess I’ll come back to this post in a year or so and see what the difference is – it would be great to re-read this in a few months and wonder why I ever hated Instagram. It’s such a great platform, especially when you’re into photography, but it’s just become too much like hard work for me these days. Hopefully changing my process will change how I feel about it! If you fancy following my new vibe Gram then you can give me a follow right here.

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I gave up on instagram. I still post 5 times a week to remain active, but that’s just it hey. There’s so much follow and unfollowing going on that it just annoys the hell out of me. The click through rate is so low anyways. I’d rather spend more time on my actual content and SEO then stressing over IG.

**for me, the engagement rate of phontos vs camera isn’t that much of a difference

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