So, one of my big personal goals for this year is to become way more environmentally concious and find some awesome replacement products that are recyclable and more eco-friendly than my current plastic or disposable counterparts. I use so much plastic, from toothbruhes and sanitary pads, through to food packaging and bags. I already found myself an amazing replacement for plastic bottles last year when I got myself a Swell water bottle and honestly it’s been a God send. I haven’t bought a plastic bottle of anything since I got this gorgeous Swell bottle, and because it takes hot as well as cold drinks, I don’t even need to buy takeaway tea when I’m out and about anymore.

This got me thinking that there must be loads of other things available that are much nicer than their plastic counterpart, and so I’ve been browsing the web looking for day to day things that I use that I can hopefully replace with amazing eco finds. Today I’m listing exactly what I want to change, and what I’ve found online that I’ll be trying, and then in a few months when I’ve tried them for a while, I’ll do an updated post to let you guys know how I’ve found them.

Plastic Toothbrushes


I hate them. They’re ugly as sin, look awful, go really gross if you’re not on the ball about changing them, and they end up in the sea and cause damage to our already stressed out planet. I saw somewhere that bamboo toothbrushes were a thing that existed, so I hunted some down on Amazon and they should be with me soon! Bamboo toothbrushes are 100% vegan, biodegradeable, come in recycleable paper packaging, and the bristles on the ones I ordered are infused with charcoal, giving you an extra teeth-polishing boost. They also have the added bonus of being less than a tenner for a pack of 4, which according to the manufacturer is a years’ supply for one person. They are a little more expensive than a plastic one found in your local supermarket, but really, for a couple of extra quid I’m not that fussed. I just hope they live up to their 4.5 stars!

Hand Soap


This is a really easy fix and one I’ve already made. Liquid hand soap obviously comes in plastic bottles, whereas my local Co-op sells bars of cruelty free soap in paper packaging that can be recycled. I’ve already made the switch, and once I find a cute soap dish for it, I don’t think this change will be a problem at all. It’s all soap after all!

Sanitary Pads


Mind. Blown. When I first saw these listed as related items to the bamboo toothbrush I was looking at I was stunned. It sounds really silly, but I’d never stopped to think about the amount of plastic waste created by sanitary wear that doesn’t breakdown for hundreds of years. And really, when I thought about it that way my only reaction was “I do not want some poor seahorse using my used sanitary pad to build himself a cute home” – it’s kind of gross when you think of it like that. This one is going to be a nerve wracking challenge for me though. Since having the implant removed, my PCOS has been playing havoc with my periods. They’re erratic, so I often have to send Dan out to get pads for me in an emergency; they’re about as heavy as you could possibly imagine; they last a long time; and they’re never the same from one month to the next, except for wiping me out completely for at least one whole day. I can’t use tampons for reasons I won’t go into here (maybe one day I’ll write a blog post on that) and these reusable pads seem like a great idea. I’ll be trying them out, but don’t expect them to work all that well for me personally, I just really want to give them a shot.

Reusable Razors


Disposable razors were another one I’d never really given much thought to, but after reading up online and growing sick of having to crack out a whole new razor nearly every time I shave my legs, I’ve also decided to invest in a basic safety razor and pack of platinum blades. Finding a good razor for me was a bit of a challenge, as they’re all marketed solely at men, but I found one listing on Amazon in which a woman had asked if it was a good buy for female use, and the seller directed her to another, more basic safety razor that’s more suitable for beginners in the safety razor game. I followed that advice as well and will be purchasing a safety razor suitable for beginners with a pack of blades very soon. This is another one that I’m quite nervous about as I’m not sure how well these razors will do on legs instead of beards, but I’m definitely excited to see if I can buy one razor for the forseeable future and get a good few uses from each blade too. Much more cost effective and eco-friendly.

I’ll do an update on all these puchases once I’ve tried them out for a while, but I’m already super excited to be reducing my contribution to plastic waste and hopefully finding some really cool new products while I’m at it!

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