A new year, a fresh start, and a chronic hangover, puffy eyes, breakouts, and a desperate need to rehydrate. Or that’s the case if you’re me, anyway. And so I’ve been shopping for some new awesome masks to help combat the very undesirable puffiness that goes along with too much lovely food and drink and not enough sleep. I’ve specifically chosen an under eye mask that’s not only really cooling, but also has collagen and other lovely anti-ageing products, because, in all honesty, I don’t want to take the risk of not starting my anti-ageing soon enough!

La Pure 24K Gold Powder Gel Collagen Eye Masks are firstly, the single longest-named product I think I’ve ever had on TSG, and secondly, firm favourites with loyal users and some big time skin & beauty names. I’ve wanted to try a mask like this for a while, but since its main ingredient and feature is collagen and gold, I’ve put it off until I’m really starting to think about preventing early signs of ageing.


Collagen is a widely used product in anti-ageing routines, and for obvious reasons. As we age, our bodies can produce less and less of it, and at 25 years old, our bodies have peaked in collagen production and it’s all down hill after that. So starting with a collagen product relatively soon after this magic but depressing number is a good way to combat ageing before it can take hold. Gold may seem like a luxury product for skincare, but it has some real benefits like improving circulation, being incredibly hydrating, and boosting cell productivity, making it an excellent choice for fancy looking eye masks. These masks also have hyaluronic acid, well loved for it’s hydration abilities, and grape seed extract as well. So there’s a whole gang of amazing ingredients at work on your under eye area in these little patches.

Especially at this time of year, I find my skin needs a little extra boost. I drink at New Year, wear an excessive amount of makeup, and going in and out from heated rooms to a cold, biting winter breeze is never good for my poor face. I actually bought these masks originally for a friend’s Christmas present and just really had to try them myself after seeing them in person, thinking they’d be perfect for freshening up my under eye area from all that wintry wear and tear.


The night before using these masks, I put them in the fridge to help boost the cooling effect on my eyes and I have to say, while I was sceptical of that having any added advantages, it actually did a great job of reducing the puffiness I get first thing in the morning (especially after indulging in more than a few cocktails). I was also really pleased to find that they adhered to my skin really nicely as they weren’t too saturated in product.

As for long term benefits of the collagen and anti-ageing properties in these masks, I can’t tell yet, I hope it’s worth it though because so far I really do like these masks. They’re lovely and cooling, definitely helped to reduce the puffiness under my eyes, and they left my skin feeling nicely hydrated and refreshed. If long term use helps reduce the signs of ageing then I’ll be a life long fan of these weird gold patches!


I did find one issue with them, and that’s that as the mask has to sit for 20-30 minutes, it dries out completely and then struggles to stay stuck to my skin. It’s not a massive problem, and certainly not a unique one to this product, but for a mask that has to sit for so long, it would be nicer if you didn’t have to worry about it falling off or peeling away right towards the end of the treatment. All in all though I think this is one of my favourite eye masks for sure – it’s great for a pre-makeup pamper to reduce dark circles and take away any puffiness after the over-indulgence of the holiday season. A conservative 7/10 for this one; if it actually helps long term with fine lines and wrinkles then it’ll be a strong 10 for sure.

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