If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ll have seen that about a month ago I got a new sofa for the Gypsy Van. It was actually a birthday present from Dan and my family, and it’s so gorgeous. I started posting a few more photos of the interior of the Gypsy Van after that and they got so much love I thought it might be good to start documenting more things about our renovation project, so I’m kicking off this year with just that – a shopping/wish list of things we still need and want, and a little breakdown of what we’ll be doing next in the process.

The first thing I really want to do next is get new external doors. I’ve always wanted to maximise the light coming in and by replacing the current (beige, atrociously beige) doors with frosted glass ones it’ll be like adding 2 full size windows which would be amazing! Caravan doors are pretty specific things, and of course not the cheapest, so this might have to wait a little while until we’ve saved up for them. Incidentally, if anyone knows how to hang external doors then please do reach out and teach me!

This whole process from the start has been such a steep learning curve, and for me that’s been a curve that’s been ongoing for years now. One massive thing I have learnt though is that I am so, so terrible at doing the practical, behind the scenes stuff. I would choose to make a space look pretty long before it occured to me to check it was physically sound! Luckily for me, I have Dan who’s the little voice of reason in my ear, making sure we do all the structural/physical stuff first so that when I come along and make things look pretty I’m not just glittering a dog turd (pardon the phrasing).

One of the big things I want to make a start on is fixing up the outside and making that look more presentable at the very least. There’s a frightening amount to do on the outside, and because of the age of the Gypsy Van it’s an ever-growing list that changes with every season. When I was living alone in here it just wasn’t possible for me to do certain things. I’m not one for heights, I know nothing about electricity, guttering, windows or weather-proofing, so for the first 4 years of living in here these things simply didn’t happen. Which now I write it down seems terrible that I’d live alone in a static caravan in a part of the UK that has brutal weather systems!

Anyway, after the new doors we’ll probably move on to external work like insulating the underside of the floor, boarding up the gap underneath the caravan, and redoing the seals on the windows for extra draft-proofing. I’d love to get some cute external trims for above the windows as well to direct the rain away from the seals a bit more once they’re refreshed, but we’ll have to see how that goes.

The big thing for this year is a wood burning stove, and since that’s going to take some serious saving, we’re not planning on doing that until maybe September. We’ve already decided we want the adorably named Hobbit Stove from a company called Salamander, purely because it’s a really tiny stove that’s perfect for tiny homes, and let’s face it, I’m not not going to buy something called ‘Hobbit’ anything now! I have a saving plan in place, so all being well we shall be ready to order the stove by the end of August. Exciting!

I’m sure me thinking the living space is all but finished is only temporary – I’m always moving things around and buying cute bits to add to it, but I’m really enjoying the whole renovation process and seeing it all come together. With a few new appliances, freshened up paint work, and proper heating the Gypsy Van will be super warm and cosy with a lovely fresh style in just a few short months. And then comes the next expensive thing like a new shower or an oven!

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