Hey guys! We’re hours away from 2018 and what am I doing? Playing with glitter, obviously. I knew as soon as I cracked open that Festival Face glitter that it was my New Year’s makeup, and I know a glitter eye makeup, while intimidating, can be super easy with the right tools, so here’s my New Year’s makeup look with tonnes of glitter and a classic wing. Scroll right down for the full list of products!

The most secure way to use a chunky glitter like this one is lash glue. I always use the clear Duo lash adhesive, but for a white glitter I’d say it’s a must to have a white or clear glue. You don’t want any of that nasty glue texture poking through your sparkle and ruining it! To start this makeup I did eyes first, obviously, and I started them in turn with a wash of nude shadow all over the lid and then a cool toned transition shade through the crease. I didn’t bother with more than one transition shade as you won’t even notice it once the glitter is applied.

Before I went in with the glitter, I traced my wing shape so I knew where to avoid with the glitter. The Festival Face glitter is really chunky, so I didn’t want to have to draw over massive chunks of glitter when trying to do a sharp wing. This actually worked really well as once the glitter was applied I was able to go back in with my liner pen to intensify the colour and make minor adjustments to the shape.

For the lips I used the Barry M Matte Me Up lip kit in Bespoke which I was really pleased with. It’s such a gorgeous mauve colour and I think it just adds a little bit of extra wintry colour to the look. I really like this product, the liner is nice and easy to apply and the liquid lip formula, while a bit thin to start, dries down really nicely and only needed one layer to get that lovely matte lip look. I’ve never used a Barry M lip product before so this one was a really nice surprise and I’ll definitely use it again.

To finish the eyes I simply went for a good coat of mascara on top and bottom lashes and left the lower lash line plain. I was going to do lashes as well, but using lash glue for the glitter meant that then applying lashes as well would make my eyes feel really heavy, and since I haven’t been wearing makeup over the Christmas period, I didn’t really feel up to such a weight on my eyes! Lashes would definitely take this look to the next level though and add extra drama.

Full list of products:

I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year and a great makeup game for your night out!

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