2017 has been quite a year, for everyone it seems. I see so many tweets at the moment about it being both people’s best and worst year all at once. I’ve done one of these 12 month review posts before, but I really do feel like 2017 has been a fantastic year for me, so I’m doing another one, and if 2018 is even half as good as this year, I may even do one this time next year as well. Here’s my 2017 in a nutshell with one photo from each month of the year.


January brought one of the rare nights out in a year that I actually have. Technically, this photo was taken in December of 2016, but only by about half an hour or so! As you can see I was that weird ass girl who basically wore her pyjamas to a New Year’s party, and I was the cosiest and comfiest girl at the ball. Plaid is good for all occasions people, you have my word.


In February I wanted to get more organised as I was finding myself getting a touch overwhelmed with a full time job, a relationship, a renovation and a twice weekly blogging schedule. I bought this super pretty planner from Love Give Ink on notonthehighstreet.com and it really helped me get organised and not forget anything important. I did find the more I used it and the busier I got, the more specific spaces I needed, so for Christmas just passed my brother got me a 2018 planner with a little more room for everything I need. I might even do some planning blog posts this year once I get used to my new planner life.


Unsurprisingly, my March photo choice is one from our trip to Edinburgh. It was all I talked about for weeks and it was the most amazing weekend seeing Post Modern Jukebox live at the Usher Hall, and filming my first vlog for TSG. This selfie was taken at a viewpoint in Glencoe and is one of my favourite ever pictures of Dan and I. March generally was a great month, with this weekend, my older brother visiting, my Mum’s birthday, and loads of great blog stuff too. Definitely one of my favourite months of 2017!


April was another amazing month; Dan’s 25th birthday, and making a real push on the Gypsy Van renovation too. April was the month that we finally laid this gorgeous white vinyl flooring in the living/kitchen space, and I could finally see what I wanted the space to look and feel like. The flooring has been a pretty big accomplishment for me throughout the year, but the living space being the largest single space in the caravan, it was by far the biggest hurdle to get over. Being able to see the finished caravan in my head gave me a real push to keep going with the renovation, which I hadn’t had for a long time, so April was a huge success for me personally.


Another month that I crossed something off my bucket list – our camping trip to Harris. This amazing weekend was not only my late birthday present to Dan, but also a way of celebrating our one year anniversary. We had fires every night, woke up to this amazing view every morning, and spent the hot, sunny days exploring Harris and taking thousands of photos. Our tent was about 3 feet behind me when I took this photo at the Horgabost campsite, and for anyone thinking of going camping in Scotland, I strongly suggest you go to Harris. The beaches are amazing, and so are the people – win win!


June brought me to a reunion after many years with my oldest friend Laura. Her family was on holiday in the stunning Kinlochmoydart House just outside of Mallaig, and they very kindly invited us to dinner there one night. We got the ferry from Armadale to Mallaig and spent a couple of hours milling about finding little beaches and looking at amazing landscapes before heading to this absolutely amazing country mansion for our dinner. Coming up the massive driveway surrounded by trees and then seeing this house at the end was surreal for both Dan and I, but the house, the family, the chefs, everything was so welcoming and friendly, and it was a highlight of my whole year to see Laura again after so many years. Hopefully it won’t be so long before we see each other next!


After years of living with a dodgy paint job in my tiny kitchen, I finally got around to repainting my cabinets and hanging my really cool subway tile effect wallpaper in July. With a few extra touches we’re done with the kitchen for now; all we have left to do is recover the countertops with white vinyl overlay and a get a new (working) oven. I was so proud of my first wallpapering experience and although it took me a whole day, I’d definitely do it again if I had another space that could benefit from a little lift like this.


August brought us a few precious weeks of proper summer weather, so Dan and I ventured out to explore the north end of Skye. Sometimes it’s just nice to play tourist for the day and go and find something most people don’t see when they live here. We found a Google search result for a place calls the Falls of Ra up near Uig, and were amazed when we finally found it and were the only ones there! That’s pretty rare for such a beautiful spot on Skye, especially in the height of tourist season, so we spent ages sitting at the foot of the falls and took loads of photos. This one is my personal favourite, mostly because the falls were so full after the weeks of rain we’d had, and because Dan, being my Instagram husband (bless him) takes the best candid photos of me.


In September we went for a little date night to Marmalade in Portree. Again we were super lucky in that our late reservation meant we were the only people there after a short while. Marmalade had not long had a huge makeover, and it was so gorgeously done and felt so nice and calming that I just had to snap a photo to capture it. The real highlight of this night was the food, but since I was too interested in eating it I never got a chance to take a photo of that, but it was very Instagrammable and really lovely.


Obviously, October is Spooktober, so my photo for this month has to be Dan and I in our costumes! My retro TARDIS and Dan’s cosplay of the 11th Dr was the first ever couples’ costume that I’d been a part of and it was really fun having a little partner in crime to head out with. Granted our costumes only made proper sense when we were standing next to each other, but more than a few people knew what we were even when we were separate, so it was a success for me! Halloween is also one of my obligatory yearly nights out, and it was a really fun night with loads of amazing costumes and more than a couple of overpriced but again obligatory drinks. I’m already brain storming for next year, and hopefully Dan will be on board for another couples’ costume.


In November I turned 27, and for once I got amazing Autumn weather for the day! I always have pretty crap weather on my birthday so to spend the whole day looking like this, with the amazing colours that Autumn brings made it really lovely. My day ended with a gorgeous meal with my family and then back to the Gypsy Van to order my new sofa. Definitely one of my best birthdays and one that I’ll remember for a long time I’m sure purely because it was such a chilled out day.


Of course my shiny new sofa is the star of this photo, you’re not surprised right? December brought me my new sofa, my adorable Ikea shelving unit, and the satisfying conclusion of years of messing around with my living space. I’m finally happy with all our furniture, where everything is placed, and how it all looks together. What makes it even better is still having room for my Christmas tree, and how many people have said how lovely it’s all looking. I’m seriously so pleased with how the Gypsy Van is starting to look, and I’m sure if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have noticed how many more interior photos I’m posting now I’ve got a sofa that’s not embarassingly floral, brown and thoroughly 70’s looking!

2017 has been really amazing, and I can’t wait to see what the new year brings! I’ll be back on Sunday at 6pm GMT with my New Year’s Eve makeup – if you like glitter, you’ll maybe want to check it out!

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This is the cutest idea, such a lovely post 😊


Thank you Beth! It’s so nice to be able to look back through the past year this way 🙂

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