It’s officially December which makes it officially Christmas party season! Work nights out, random cocktail sessions, “nibbles and mulled wine at ours, just a casual thing” are all right on our doorstep so this year I wanted to do my own kind of mini Blogmas. I’m not able to produce high quality content on a daily basis, so actual Blogmas is not going to happen here. Instead though, I’ve decided to keep my normal posting schedule but just make all my posts this month Christmas themed; and this week I’m starting with a Christmas party makeup that’s a little shimmery and glossy but still really neutral and easy to wear.

As always the full list of products I used is at the end of this post and I’ve included a few thoughts on the Collection palette I’ve used as well as some other products as well.

For the eye makeup I’ve used the #YourStyleYourMood palette from Collection that’s full of shimmery golds, browns and purple tones which I think is always great for an easy party look. I’m also, since I mention it, really amazed by this pallete! I went into it thinking the colours would be really wishy-washy with no pigment at all and that was definitely not the case! The shadows are a bit tricky to blend out softly, but with plenty of work and a decent brush you can get the desired blend eventually.

I also used my new Pixi LipLift Max in Honey Sheen over my lipstick to give me a slightly plumper pout and a bit of gloss to compliment the shimmer on the eyes. I’ve got a review of the the trio gift set of the LipLift Max right here if you’re interested in seeing my full thoughts on them.

Since this look ended up being a little more pigmented than I thought it would (thank you Collection), I wanted to keep the rest of the makeup really simple and tonal so I went for a less pinky blush than usual and kept the contour really soft as well. I also used a much warmer contour than I usually would just to balance the warmth of the lip colour. My trusty Nyx Love Contours All palette has a lovely pale shade of warm toned contour that was perfect for this look.

I’m a girl who loves me some glitter, and I did think about adding a layer of gold glitter to the inner two thirds of the lid, but I really wanted to keep this look really wearble and comparitively simple so it’s more universal. You could even take away the winged liner and just keep it to the lashline only, or add some falsies if you’re in the mood. The great thing about a makeup like this is that you can make it simpler or way more complex and glamazon as it’s really just a great middle ground.

Full list of products:

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