I really enjoyed doing my last life update post a few months ago, so I thought I’d do another one and update you guys on all the exciting stuff that’s been happening in the Gypsy Van and in life in general.

Firstly, let’s get the bad news out of the way – we’re not moving for some time now. Our lovely buyers for the house pulled out after we lost the land we were planning on buying, and we totally understand that. We’ve decided that, because it’s a crap time of year to be buying, selling or moving, we’ll just stay put for the winter with the house remaining on the market. In the spring time we’ll start really looking for new land and new buyers, but for now I’m just happy we don’t have to move in the darkest depths of winter!

Now, the good news is very, very good indeed. Dan and I finally finished flooring the whole caravan! It’s taken more or less a year, and having to buy flooring one pack at a time in order to afford it, but we’ve finally done it. All that’s left to do now is choose some gorgeous rugs to give it that cosy feel and we’ll be done with the floors. The whole caravan looks so much brighter and more cohesive now it’s all got the same flooring throughout, and when I finish something like this it just makes me even more excited to move onto the next bit.

The next bit (since I mention it) is going to be a new sofa, which thanks to my lovely family I ordered on my birthday. Nabru make modular sofas that you assemble yourself, which is perfect for getting them into small doorways and difficult accesses, like the Gypsy Van! They also have this great custom design tool where you can specify the width and number of arms and seats, as well as whether or not you want a chaise at one end, and if so which end, what fabric and finishes you want and all that other good stuff. I’ve gone onto Nabru’s website periodically throughout this whole renovation project and finally, after literally years of site stalking, I settled on a stunning grey fabric sofa that will seat 4 people, but the seats are actually just 2 cushions in the extra wide option. Expect many an Instagram post from me once it arrives! I’m toying with the idea of filming Dan and I assembling it just so I can share it with you guys if we make a complete arse of it!

I also want to mention today that Dan built me this uber cute coffee table. It’s my new favourite piece in the whole Gypsy Van, and it’s made even more amazing by him building it himself. We spent a few weeks looking over designs, and once I was sure of what I wanted he set to work and built this rustic, cross-bar table out of 2 soft pine shelves and 4 pieces of 2×4″ with dinky little feet so it doesn’t flatten my gorgeous Dunelm rug. I’m honestly so impressed with his carpentry! I painted the bottom shelf and legs white and then stained the top with a lovely dark wood stain to make it look really rustic and old school. You may have already noticed it’s become the new backdrop for my flatlay photos, and that’s purely because I’m so proud of this piece of furniture, and the stain is such a gorgeous colour. I finished it off on top with a coat of satin finish wood varnish so it isn’t too shiny but the wood is well protected. A team effort that’s really paid off and brings some lovely warmth to the living space.

I’ve also been ordering some finishing touches for the living space, like an Ikea shelving unit and some cute storage boxes, and we’ve been planning a wood burning stove as well. Anyone who has ever lived in a static will tell you that a wood burner is the best way to heat the whole caravan and, since it creates a dry heat, it keeps the damp away as well. I’ve wanted a stove ever since I moved in here, but they’re so expensive. Thanks to Dan’s handy-man skills though all we need to do is buy all the parts for it and he can do the rest, so we’re saving a huge amount on labour that way and it makes it so much more accessible. I’ll definitely be doing a post to update you guys once that’s done as it’ll be the central focal point of our living space, and I’ll just be delighted to get rid of the old gas fire that’s currently in the way of our stove spot.

There’s still a lot to do in the Gypsy Van, but it’s really starting to come together now. I couldn’t have done all of this without Dan though, and it’s so amazing to have someone sharing this space who not only wants to help, but also has the skills set and the motivation! He’s also an absolute gem at letting me make all the aesthetic decisions, since he “doesn’t know what looks good so please just make the decision for us” – I’m not even ashamed to brag about it, he’s super cool for that!

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