Hey guys! I’ve been super excited to try Korean skincare for absolutely months, so the other week when I was planning November’s beauty posts and doing my shopping, I came across this brand called TonyMoly, which is a Korean brand that makes tons of amazing sounding skincare and gets really good reviews across the board. Since I was looking for an eye mask as well, I chose this super cute ten pack of the TonyMoly Panda’s Dream Eye Patches. You can get them for yourself on Amazon for just £11.00 or so which is amazing really for ten packs of eye masks.

As I say, TonyMoly gets pretty good reviews over all, and these eye patches average 4 stars on Amazon so I was really excited to try them. They arrived really quickly from a UK seller and Dan and I tried them one Saturday (I swear I’m turning him into a face mask junkie!). And their Panda’s Dream range all sounds really lovely, so I was very interested to see if these masks really did reduce darkness and revitalise the eye area.


When we came to actually test them though I spent a good few minutes trying to figure out how the patches work. They are whole eye patches, meaning if you so chose, you could have them cover your whole eye and just lie back and relax, but good luck getting the second one on if your first eye is totally covered! They do have a semi-circle slit cut into them which I assumed was to enable you to fold down that flap and see what you were doing. When I was testing this though I always had other things to do at the same time, so I actually ended up keeping those little flaps folded down so I could see what I was doing!

What I found was a bit of a bigger problem was that the patches actually dry out pretty quickly and then they struggle to stay stuck to your eye area. Dan in particular had this problem as it took us ages to get the first of his patches in the right place. After the ten minutes is up you simply peel them away and pat the remaining serum into the skin. I definitely felt like the delicate skin around the eye area was much more hydrated, and I love these patches for those mornings you wake up feeling a little puffy. But did they manage to banish my dark circles? Not even slightly.

During, which is…hilarious, let’s be honest

I was maybe expecting a little too much from a mask that costs £1.10 per pair of patches, but I was disappointed when I took mine off and still had dark circles. They weren’t even slightly improved. My eye area overall was quite refreshed and nice and soft, and the mask itself is pretty good fun figuring it out, but it just did nothing that was promised in the blurb. Dan saw literally no difference at all on his eyes although he did say his skin felt nice and soft.

All in all I love these little patches but for all the reasons not advertised. If they’d been listed as being purely to hydrate and cool the eye area then I would be absolutely delighted with them, but they promised me my dark circles would be gone in ten minutes so I felt let down by the lack of results I got. For the 4 star rating as well I was quite surprised that they didn’t do more, although I did read one review that said it did nothing for dark circles but did hydrate, so I guess I’m not the only one!

And after

Verdict: for reducing puffiness, hydrating and cooling the eye area these little masks are ideal and amazing value for money. For reducing dark circles or any other kind of issue that often impacts the eyes, this is not the product for the job. The packaging, idea and product itself is all really cute and as a first dipping of my proverbial toe into Korean skincare, I’m not totally disheartened by it. 6/10 for this one – very good at what it does, it just doesn’t do anything it’s advertised to do!

Do you use Korean skincare or makeup? If you do I’d love some brand recommendations as I’m definitely not done with Korean skincare by a long shot.


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