I promise I use other brands sometimes! But I’m still in love with Pixi and trying out loads of their amazing products so here we go again. This week though it’s the LipLift Max Trio which comes in the cutest box and gives you three stunning looking lip glosses that have a slight plumping effect too. I got mine on Cult Beauty (obviously) and the trio was only £12.50 which is amazing considering you get three 1g tubes of lip colour.

I won’t bother giving you the sales shtick for Pixi since I’ve already done reviews and spotlights on a few of their products before; here’s the full collection of every post of mine that includes anything Pixi related if the mood takes you. There’s some amazing products in there so I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you’re unsure about Pixi skincare or makeup. But anyway, back to the LipLift Max Trio and what I thought of it.

L-R Sparkling Quartz, Sheer Rose, Honey Sheen

Pixi say that these glosses can be used on their own or as toppers over a normal lipstick, which makes them very versatile and useful for so many different looks. While I’m not normally a fan of glosses, I find in the winter, and more specifically the run up to Christmas, that I’m more drawn to a glossy lip. It brings more light to the face and can look amazing as part of a night out makeup or even just as a pick-me-up finishing touch for an every day look. The glosses are infused with peppermint which gives you the plumping effect as well as a lovely fresh minty scent.

As stand alone lip products, all these colours are incredibly subtle, making them perfect for every day use. I’ve swatched them on my hand and on my lips for this post as individual products so you can see them in action without another lip colour underneath, but they do glide over a normal lipstick very well too. With a dark colour underneath I think any of them would be perfect for winter.

Unedited, daylight shot to show what the colours look like straight from the tubes. L-R Sheer Rose, Sparkling Quartz, Honey Sheen

The three shades in this set are called Sparkling Quartz, Honey Sheen and Sheer Rose, and they’re all nice and neutral so you could pair anything with them I think. And the plumping effect is really subtle and not at all garish, which I loved since I don’t like to have really fakely full lips, although a little help every now and again is great! Since the plumping effect definitely does work but is really subtle still, these would be ideal as toppers for dark colours for me as darker lipsticks have the disadvantage of making the lips look smaller than they really are, so I’d normally have to over-draw a bit.

Below is a photo of them actually on and although the colours may look quite similar on camera, the Honey Sheen and Sheer Rose shades are definitely on the warmer side, which would match a lot of the most popular lip shades. The Sparkling Quartz is much cooler toned and is definitely a little more sparkly, which if you’re not a fan of glitter is not the gloss for you, but for this time of year and for upcoming Christmas party looks it would be such a festive addition.

Verdict: if you’re looking for a really strong plumping effect then these are not the lip products for you, but for a really gentle, slightly fuller look with loads of different uses and lovely as stand alone lip glosses, I really like these. Pixi have definitely done a good job on the Liplift Max Trio, and while I don’t think the lifting/plumping effect is “Max” at all, I do like them overall and I’ll definitely be reaching for them again soon. 7/10, good value, nice products, but I wonder if I would repurchase once I’ve used them all up.

Have you tried the Pixi LipLift Max Trio? Let me know your thoughts below.

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