Today I’ve got another DIY that I’ve seen all over Pinterest for years – a Polaroid frame with adorable mini pegs to hold your photos in place. I’ve wanted one of these in the Gypsy Van for an age, but it’s one of those DIYs that tests my patience so I’ve put it off. It’s such an easy thing to make, I’m just rubbish at sitting there waiting for the hot glue to dry!

To make this super cute frame you’ll need the following things:

  • Hot glue gun & sticks
  • A frame of your liking with no back or glass
  • A length of twine or ribbon
  • Some mini wooden pegs like these (I got mine in a set with the twine)
  • Polaroids or square prints of your favourite photos
  • A picture hook or two, depending on the size of your frame

I actually repurposed a frame for this project. I’d bought a print online and when it arrived the glass was smashed, so I’ve simply re-framed the print that was in it and got rid of the glass from this plain black frame to use for this. You really just want the frame to be big enough that your photos don’t look really squashed or overlap each other. You’ll also need to figure out how tall each print is once the peg is attached to it, so make sure to measure that first, before you start gluing things in place.

The first thing I did for this DIY was cut my first length of twine. I wanted it to be quite tight on the frame so the weight of the photos wouldn’t cause it to drop too much. Having measured the gap I needed at the top of the frame to allow the peg to sit nicely, I then went ahead and stuck down the top one. I figured it was just easier to do row by row of sticking and measuring so that I didn’t have to measure or remember exact measurements!

Then all you have to do is repeat this step as many times as it takes to fill the frame the way you like it. I wanted my photos to not only be evenly spaced but to also have plenty of negative space around them so they can really be seen. I hung this frame in the tiny toilet room of the Gypsy Van (not photographed due to a loack of space & light) so that any guests I have over can see it easily. In my childhood home we had huge collages of family photos in the downstairs loo and they were always a subject of conversation and really cute to look at, so I wanted to recreate my own version of that.

I only used one picture hook for my frame as it’s not very big and is really lightweight and it sits just beautifully on the wall now it’s all finished. In time I’d like to get a Polaroid camera so that I can change the photos quickly and easily without sacrificing the style and aesthetic of the frame. But even as it is currently, I’m delighted with my adorable Polaroid frame and can’t wait to change the whole feel of the room it’s in by simply changing the photos out every now and again!

If you’ve seen any interesting DIYs on Pinterest that you’d like me to try out then drop me a comment and I’ll get to it! I’m loving all the personal touches these DIYs are adding to my tiny home.

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