You’ll know by now that I love a good typographical print. I also really love supporting new and small businesses, so when Jazmyn from Bliss Prints UK reached out on Twitter looking for bloggers to review her prints, I leapt at the chance. For ages now I’ve been working on creating a gallery wall in my spare bedroom of prints that not only look beautiful but suit my personality, and when Jazmyn offered me the chance to create my own custom print as one of my two choices I knew exactly what I wanted.

The first print I chose was this adorable “Happiness is Homemade” one. This one is perfect for me on two levels. It looks super cute on my gallery wall but I also wanted to hang it in my kitchen too, so I’m undecided about the best place for it right now. I’ll try it in each place for a week or so before deciding on the right spot for it. I chose this one because firstly, it’s not one I’ve seen versions of in other print stores, and secondly because it felt very much like the ethos for the Gypsy Van. I’ve done nearly all the renovation work myself, making my home almost entirely homemade, and I love making things outside of the renovation as well.

My second choice was my custom print, and for that I chose a style of font I loved and the perfect quote – “zen AF”. I’ve seen this on countless Facebook ads for yoga and workout tops, and have just always thought it was very ‘me’. Jazmyn was kind enough to send me a proof of the print as well before she went ahead with it and I knew straight away I’d love it. This one is currently living on my gallery wall, but I like it so much that I’m tempted to redesign the decor on the shelf above my bed so I can have it feature up there instead. I’d like to be able to see it every day.

And now the best news of all – the prices! Each print on Bliss Prints UK’s Instagram is only £3 (£4 if you want a custom print) and shipping is only 50p! I don’t think I’ve ever ordered prints from anywhere at such good prices, and the end product is gorgeous. The finish of each print is lovely, and Jazmyn’s so approachable and flexible if you want something different. If I did have one gripe to make, it’s that the paper is a fairly standard weight matte paper, and I’m a stickler for the old school lustre or gloss papers as they just have a much heavier, professional finish to them that helps the inks stand out more. But in order to do that, Jazmyn would need to be charging a lot more than she currently does, so for the unbelievable prices she’s charging, I’m more than happy with the quality of my prints!

Since I love my prints so much, I’ve got a 20% off code for all my lovely readers, simply quote “GYPSY20” when ordering your print through the Bliss Prints UK Instagram and you’ll get 20% off the price of whatever you pick. And for anyone wondering, I’m not earning any commission on this discount code, it’s simply there for anyone of you guys who want some gorgeous prints and a little money off too. I’ve only ever had one other discount code and that’s because I don’t want to just have them for any old rubbish. I want you guys to only get honest opinions and brilliant products from my blog, and Bliss Prints UK is one of those products and businesses that I want to support this way.

I’m delighted with the addition of these two prints to my collection, and whetehr or not they stay on my gallery wall or get moved to new spots, I love how they look and how easy it was to get a custom print. They match my Scandi/minimalist/shabby chic decor perfectly and I can’t wait to see what other prints become available in the future too!

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