It’s nearly here! Halloween is so close now, and hopefully everyone’s got their costumes sorted. I’ve been buying bits and pieces for mine for a couple of months now, purely because some of it turned out to be a little more expensive, or it had to ship from China and took weeks on end to get here. So today I’m talking you through what my costume will be, and how I’ve been hacking it to work for the idea I had.

For the first time ever, I have a boyfriend who is not adverse to couples costumes, so we decided ages ago to go as the TARDIS and Dan’s favourite Doctor, number 11, played by the brilliant Matt Smith. Dan’s costume is nowhere near as cool as mine though because I got onto Pinterest and found this really amazing TARDIS cosplay idea:


I knew as soon as I saw this that I wanted to do something really like it, and while I wasn’t able to get it exactly right, I don’t think I did too badly on my shoestring budget and limited sewing skills! Here’s what I ended up with when all the bits and pieces were collected together…

These super cute patches came from Etsy and were one of the more expensive parts of the costume, but they are perfect for my costume and so true to the show so they were money well spent to me. I also love supporting such talented creators so whenever I’m looking for something a little more obscure, Etsy is the best place to find really unique things.

eBay is by far the best place for cheap costume essentials – you know you’re only going to wear this stuff once so there’s no point spending more than you have to. And if you plan ahead and leave enough time for shipping, the cheapest stuff that will look the best comes from China. That’s the rubbish bit, having to wait and not knowing if you’re going to get what you think you ordered, but when it works out it’s useful for any kind of fancy dress occasion. I got the blue skirt and petticoat from eBay and I’m pleasantly surprised, especially with the fullness of the petticoat.

The adorable bow tie also came from eBay (I think, that was the first thing I bought and it was a while ago!) and I think I got very lucky that the shade of blue in it matches the skirt and patches really well. The white shirt came from Boohoo and isn’t quite what I wanted, but I think it’ll still look super cute and retro with the bow tie and everything else combined.

For the finishing touches like hair, makeup and accesories I’m taking the easy way out. Our Halloween night out is on a Saturday so I don’t have enough time to do a hot roller set with my hair since I’ll be at my kettle bells class all morning and then have to start getting ready after showering and everything else. So for hair and makeup I’ll be doing a simple up do with my favourite Pin Up makeup, possibly with a twist. And then for the rest I’ll be pairing black tights with my heeled steam-punk style biker boots. They’ll make me a little taller than Dan but I think for the TARDIS that’s ok!

So now I have everything for my costume I just need to put it all together. I’m not brilliant at sewing, but I’m going to try and make a waist band from some plain black material for the Police Call Box patch to sit on, and I want to stitch the window patches to the skirt somewhere as well. Amazingly, the skirt I chose has pockets, so I might even just use the window patches to highlight them. The other option I have is to put them on the shirt, but that might look a little odd. I’ll see what happens when I sit down to combine it all.

What’s everyone else going as for Halloween? If you’re also doing something Dr Who related I’d love to know! And keep an eye on my Instagram for photos of Dan and I in our couples’ costume 🙂

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