Last year I promised you guys 2 Halloween makeup looks and then due to an allergic reaction I only managed one. And in all honesty, I wish I’d gone spooky first as I think it’s so much fun getting to do the horror thing for this holiday. So today I’m showing you how I created this Banshee inspired, spooky look. The full list of products I used for this look is further down if you fancy skipping to that bit!

In traditional Irish lore, the Banshee is essentially a faerie type creature who appears at your house screaming and wailing to announce the imminent arrival of death in the family. She can appear as a beautiful, almost peaceful looking creature, or she can appear as something from your worst nightmares. And naturally with it being the season, I went for the creepy option.

Irish and Scottish myths and legends usually describe the Banshee as having red hair, but there are also tales of her having long blonde, grey, or white hair, or indeed having no head at all. For obvious reasons, I’m not going to cut my own head off for a Halloween costume, and in all honesty, I’ve got a bit too much hair these days for wigs, so I’m using quite a bit of artistic licence and sticking with my black hair, and I’ve taken some of my own ideas on the makeup too.

The main thing I wanted to acheive with this makeup was the really drawn out face when the Banshee screams. That is, after all, kind of the whole point of a Banshee – they scream , shriek, wail, whatever you want to call it. And I wanted that to look really effective, so I went hard and skeletal on the contouring, not forgetting the neck and collar bone as well for that really sunken effect. I also love those makeup looks where the eyes can kind of disappear, so I love looks like this for that reason too.

When I sat down to create this look I didn’t really have time to properly block out my eyebrows as I would have liked, so instead I lightened them up a bit by combing some concealer through them and setting it with a touch of powder. It didn’t work 100%, but my brows are much darker than they appear in this look so it did the job. In terms of the eye shadow, I just filled in my mobile lid with a soft pencil first to get a really black base, and then blended over it with a black shadow and took it right up to the brow bone. Smoking out the edges took it past the brows a little but I like the way it almost meets the contouring on my forehead.

For the lips I blocked them out entirely with concealer, then put foundation over them and set with powder. When it came time to do the cracked effect, I first started by running the tiniest amount of black shadow along the inner portion of my lips and then with a felt tip liner I drew some random cracks around the whole area. My ability to draw cracks maybe isn’t the best, but I still think it looks really effective. The first few cracks I drew on I then blended out with more black shadow and a really small detailing brush and then went back in again with the liner to redefine, correct, and draw new ones too. You can then just carry on back and forth with the drawing and blending until you’re happy with the effect. Set the whole mouth area with a tiny amount of black shadow and a large fluffy brush and your lips are all gone.

Full list of products:

Hope you guys like this Halloween look and I can’t wait to see all the amazing looks that float around on Instagram at this time of year!

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Ahhhh you look so good! Very scary 😉 I’m so bad at Halloween stuff xx


Thanks Louise! I just basically went mad with the black shadow haha xx


I’m terrible with Halloween and creating makeup looks that look good, but you’ve done such a good job! You look amazing xx

Hannah | luxuryblush


Love this!


Thank you Lucy!

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