Sunday fun day again and this week I’ve been trying out a foundation that I’ve spent a long time avoiding. For months now I’ve seen great things about the Maybelline Fit Me range, but I’ve avoided it for one simple reason – it was too dark for me. I’d Googled it a few times, looked at swatches, watched videos, and swatched it in stores and each time I decided against it because it came out too dark for my skin tone. But the other day in my local Boots I couldn’t get my usual every day foundation, but I noticed that the few shades they had of the Fit Me Matte & Poreless had one shade that actually looked like it might work for me.

Maybelline make some amazing products; their mascaras are great and I’ve tried a few primers and lipsticks over the years that have been good as well. The Fit Me range is meant to be really inclusive and make it easier for a wider variety of skin tones to find a foundation that’s right for them. The problem I’ve always had is that the drugstore brands shade range is still limited, but as High Street foundations go, this shade range is pretty impressive. I’m so pleased there’s a foundation with a wider shade range, and while there’s still plenty of room for improvement, Maybelline have made a good start here.

What I can say about the Fit Me Foundation is that it’s a really nice formula. It goes on beautifully, lasts well, sets nicely, and really does give me a more poreless look. It’s just a smidge too warm in the undertones for my skin tone; a bit too warm and I end up looking like I’ve either been working out or on holiday. Great if I had been, but I haven’t, and I’m the palest shade of ghost going.

Back to what I like about the Fit Me, and I actually do really like everything else about this foundation. I’ve worn it both with and without primers over the last few days and either way it’s lovely on the skin. It’s also very blendable and has buildable coverage which is always a bonus for an every day foundation. And the cherry on top of the cake here is that it’s possibly the most comfortable foundation I’ve ever worn! Honestly, most foundations, especially drugstore or really full coverage, are very drying. They crack and crease throughout the day and can make your skin feel really dried out. But the Maybelline Fit Me is so comfortable and helps keep me hydrated all day.

So despite my avoidance of this product and my initial doubts about it, I’ve actually ended up really liking it. I just have one little gripe and that is the undertone. But other than that, I am a convert to this foundation. In terms of a foundation for every day, it’s one of the best I’ve tried, and in terms of all the foundations I’ve tried over the years, it’s the one that’s most pleasantly surprised me. A solid 9/10 for this product, and I feel a bit like I was shooting myself in the foot for not trying this foundation sooner!

What did you think of this foundation? Let me know in the comments!

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