It’s Spooktober! I’m not sure if I just made that up or if it’s an actual thing, but I hope I’m not responsible for the creation of such an atrocity. Anyway, like I was saying,  it’s October, and that means it’s nearly Halloween! So this past weekend I got some super cute miniature Halloween stuff from Amazon and decided to take my new(ish) hot glue gun for a spin and make a Halloween wreath to spook up the Gypsy Van.

I did originally think I might want to use a wreath form for this little project, but actually, the base decorations I ordered ended up being perfect on their own. I ordered this bundle of twigs which are actually wired the whole way up the stem so they shaped into a circle perfectly without any extra help. I also then ordered some miniature skulls, some prop cobwebs, and some adorable faux maple leaves in autumnal colours. I got everything I needed on Amazon and it was all really cheap, but I think altogether it looks more expensive and much cooler than even I was hoping. You could easily make this more Autumnal or even more Halloween by adding or removing skulls and cobwebs.

Once I roughly shaped the fake twigs into the right size of wreath, I simply twisted them together so they stayed in place. Any thicker parts of the that wouldn’t sit right I tied into place with a little twine and then used the other decorations to hide the twine. I very briefly tried hot glueing the twigs into the right shape, but gave up on that just as quickly because hot glue sets too quickly to be fiddling around with wired twigs! Then, after securing some twine to the top and making sure it would hang right on the wall, I started to arrange all the decorations where I wanted or needed them.

The mini skulls glued really nicely and I was easily able to position them at different angles as well to add more interest. These faux Autumnal Maple leaves are super popular amongst us bloggers for photo props, but I really wanted to use them in this project to add some colour. I know I’m not normally one for colourful things, but it just felt like it would add another dimension to the wreath and overall effect. You could glue the leaves into place once you’re happy with the look, but I chose not to since I want the leaves for a personal project later.

The cobwebs I got for this project were absolutely massive so I had to just cut the tiniest bit off one of them and then start to arrange it over the wreath. The fun thing about these cobwebs is that once you start to pull them apart they look more and more real, so I really did use the tiniest amount and then just caught certain twigs into it to keep it in place.

Overall I’m pretty happy with how this turned out; yes it could be bigger or fuller, but I like the sparseness of the final look, it is an autumnal, Halloween decoration after all! It’s so easy to make things like this and could definitely be used as a basic idea to make it for any holiday season. I’d love to make an Easter wreath as well and of course Christmas is the traditional holiday for wreaths of any sort. I like this idea for Halloween especially because it’s something a little different. How do you decirate for Halloween? Let me know in the comments!

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