I’m clearly going to buy anything with the words ‘photo loving’ written on it, so today’s review is of the NYX Studio Perfect Photo Loving Primer, because it has these very words in the name. It’s also a primer that I’ve had my eye on for a little while because it makes some pretty big claims, especially for a drugstore product, so I was really excited to test it out.

NYX is already one of my favourite drugstore brands; I was really impressed with pretty much everything from my Autumnal makeup look post, and I’m a long time user of the amazing Brow Gel. I also used the HD primer ages ago, but I wasn’t massively keen on it, so I was hoping this primer would at the very least be better than that!

The Studio Perfect Photo Loving Primer promises to diffuse fine lines and pores, give you the smoothest skin, and have absolutely zero flashback in photos, making you an HD ready, real-time Photoshop face, without the weird missing nostril or other such PS mishap. My previous experience of NYX primers made me quite suspicious of all these big promises, but I’m happy to report that this primer actually gave me the smoothest base to work with!

Honestly, the first time I used this primer it reminded me a lot of the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser. Everything from the texture down to the feel on your skin was similar, so for me that was a good start when I’d been a bit dubious. The difference became apparent when I’d finished the rest of my makeup and went about my day. Without a doubt my skin felt super smooth all day long, but it didn’t let my makeup slip or move about at all. This primer is silicone based so with a water-based foundation like the ones I’m currently trying out it’s a bit of a risk, but there was absolutely no movement at all and only the usual level of wear and tear over about 8 hours.

I won’t deny that £10.50 is a little expensive for the drugstore, but I think this primer is good enough to justify that. Since I mention it, is it just me or is the drugstore getting more and more expensive?! I swear the last few times I’ve bought anything from a drugstore brand it feels like I’m spending more.

Anyway, I actually love this primer, so the price tag doesn’t bother me. I also love the fact that there’s a range of colours in this primer to deal with different skin issues. I got the clear one just because I’m not really worried about redness or other discolouration, but my pores have always been really visible to me, so I like the idea of minimising them. But it’s really great that they have a range of primers for a range of concerns.

All in all this primer is really good and has been one of the bigger surprises from my recent trips to the High Street. It lasts well, doesn’t move about, gives me a really smooth base, and I definitely feel like it blurred out my pores and made concealing my blemishes easier. 9/10, love this primer and would definitely purchase it again, I just took a point of for the packaging which is pretty boring!

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