I think I’ve already said in a previous post that this time of year is great for having a clear out and getting rid of all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the previous months and start anew. And for months and months now I’ve been meaning to clear out my dressing room and get rid of the countless items I no longer wear, or are totally worn out. So to motivate myself, and probably totally embarrass myself as well, I’m blogging my dressing room clear out today. I highly doubt it will be in any way helpful or motivational for anyone else, but the number of black clothes I have that look nearly identical is probably going to give you all a really good chuckle.

Usually I’d advocate doing one drawer or one rail at a time, but I had one day to do this clear out, and wanted to get everything done since I’ve been putting it off for so long. About a year ago I started with one drawer and that was all I ever did. Then I reorganised another drawer 6 months ago and that was all I ever did. So this time I took the plunge and pulled everything out of my dressing room and dumped it all on my living room floor. As you can see there’s a lot of it, and it’s mostly all black everything.

The first thing I wanted to do was pull out all the pieces I wear every single week. These went straight back into the dressing room and back in the right place. So then I was left with this massive pile of stuff I hardly ever wear, which was more than a little daunting. By the time I’d picked out my regular outfits, things of sentimental value like my dance costumes, and seasonal essentials like coats and scarves, time was pushing on and I was feeling a tad overwhelmed. But I’d made a huge mess and needed to fix it, so bin bags in hand I started sifting through each item.

I gave myself a strict rule of gut reactions only. I’m naturally such a hoarder so things like this are really difficult for me; with a strict gut reaction rule though I was at least able to get rid of most of the things I never wear or don’t like anymore. Anything else I found more difficult to decide on was dealt with by having a dedicated “I don’t bloody know” pile and then coming back to it later on once everything else was sorted. It’s always risky for me having a pile to revisit later, simply because it’s all too easy to then keep everything. In the interest of getting it done though I decided to go for it and just prayed to the clear out gods that I didn’t cave in and just keep everything!

So this is what I was left with when I finally got the job finished. I filled 2 bin bags to go to the charity shop, I can now actually close the drawers, and I know that everything I’m now left with is either sentimentally valuable, or regularly worn and used. There’s a few bits that I got rid of that I want to replace, namely a chunky off the shoulder knit that I love but that was pretty cheap and badly made; it was cosy AF until it started falling apart after the first few washes! But other than that my dressing room is finally cleared out of all the stuff I didn’t need anymore and it feels great. While I wouldn’t always recommend doing it in one big hit like I did, I am glad I did it this way this time. Now I have more room and can find things easier, which in a caravan is no bad thing!

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