I know, skincare is my obsession! But, from all the products I’ve tried, all the work I’ve put in to my skin, and all the problems I’ve had with it, I know that your skin is the single most important thing about external beauty. If you apply makeup of any quality to skin that’s badly cared for, it simply won’t look good, no matter how good your skills with a brush are. Look after your skin, and your skin looks after your makeup.

With that in mind, and with winter on Skye well and truly knocking on our door, I make some small changes to my skin at this time of year to prepare and protect it for the colder months ahead. So today I thought I’d share what I do for my skin to make it winter ready. The one thing I’m really up on when it comes to my skin at any time of year is hydration. Although you’d maybe think that treating my hormonal acne would be top of my list, since I’ve focussed on hydration instead, I’ve seen a huge improvement in my acne as well as other elements of my skin type.

Keep your exfoliator gentle

I exfoliate two or three times a week, but you don’t need to scrub violently at your skin or use a super abrasive exfoliator to get the job done. Using a facial scrub with finely ground elements, skin-loving ingredients, and natural goodies over plastic awfulness is a good start. When sing your scrub though, a light hand is really what keeps your skin from being damaged. It’s always worth remembering with exfoliating that your simply trying to remove the dead skin cells sitting on top of healthy skin, you’re not trying to remove a whole layer, and by using a product that’s too harsh, or by scrubbing too much, you can ruin your skin and make it more sensitive to certain things. UV light is a big one for the summer, hence why daily SPF is so heavily recommended; and in the winter the biggest culprit is the extremities in temperature – biting winds and cold air one moment, and the next you’re sitting in a lovely warm room with central heating. That’s a lot for your skin to deal with without the added pain of being scrubbed to near death!

Make time for proper skincare

It’s advice as old as makeup itself – take it off before you sleep! Keeping your skin clean and clear of any unecessary nasty stuff is so obvious, but so worthwhile. At this time of year though, I also like to make sure I’ve got plenty of time during the week for extra lovely things like masks and my new favourite thing – facial massage. Lisa Eldridge has a couple of brilliant videos on her YouTube channel showing her facial massage and explaining what each particular technique does for your skin. They’re well worth a watch if you haven’t got a clue where to start or why you should consider facial massage as part of your skin routine.

Hydrate, inside and out

External skincare is a great tool for making sure your skin is well hydrated, but even in the winter you can’t beat drinking plenty of water to ensure your skin is well hydrated from both angles. Your skin has to deal with so much, pollution, heating, cold air, makeup, bad product choices, it all adds up to a lot of stress for it. Proper hydration offers your skin a reprieve from all that stress, and helps protect it from lasting damage as well. Needless to say, properly hydrated, cared-for skin ages much better as well, so you’ll really be helping yourself if you make sure you keep uo with the moisture levels. And I really have found that proper moisturiser, hydrating masks, and plenty of water keeps my skin calm and a lot more predictable.

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