So, the good news today is that Real Techniques have recently launched a whole new range of brushes. The bad news is that when I went to pick some up to blog about them, I had to make a choice of one since they’re quite a bit more expensive than you’d expect from RT. £25.00 for the Kabuki brush in Boots from their new Powder Bleu range is a pretty steep price, but if it’s good enough, then it’s worth the money and the hype. So is it?

The idea behind the new Powder Bleu range is that the bristles are a synthetic reproduction of blue squirrel hair, which is traditionally a favourite for makeup brushes since it’s not only incredibly soft, but also distributes product evenly and softly, making blending nearly effortless. I really like the idea of a cruelty free, endless supply of the softest brushes around, and with today’s technology I’m actually quite surprised that no one else has done this on a large scale, at least not that I’ve ever heard.

Obviously because the brushes are a little more expensive, I had to choose which one to buy so I could get an idea of the quality. I chose the Kabuki brush solely because I’ve never had one before but, for sheer speed of product application, I’ve always really wanted one. A Kabuki brush has always seemed like such a convenient little tool to have in ones kit, any powder product can be quickly and easily brushed over a large surface area and, in theory, be easier to blend due to the density of the brush.

The Real Techniques Powder Bleu Kabuki brush is, firstly, s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g; the whole range is just gorgeous to look at. And the bristles are so soft and densely packed on the Kabuki brush that you can tell just by running a hand over it it’ll give you the most blended, softest edges you’ve ever had. I thought originally that the £25 price tag was a little steep for a drugstore brand, but on having the brush fresh out of the box, I was sold.

Sam and Nic who design all the Real Techniques brushes have done a series of short videos for each of the new Powder Bleu brushes about what each one is best suited for. The Kabuki is best used for bronzers but as you’ll all already know, I’m not a bronzer kind of girl, so I’ve been using this brush with my setting powder.

I can easily see how beautifully this brush would work for bronzer, and if you’re a bronzer fan, you probably need this brush. For me though it picks up a good, even amount of powder and distributes it really nicely. The sheer size of the brush means my whole makeup was powdered into place in seconds and I love that the Kabuki brush is small enough that you could chuck it in your bag for the day for touch ups later on.

So what do I think of the Real Techniques Powder Bleu Kabuki brush? Well, I think £25 is a pretty big price for something you’re buying in the drugstore. That being said, this brush is gorgeous and would work well with any number of powder products. I’m definitely going to be trying more of the Powder Bleu range, and if the Kabuki brush is anything to go by, they’re probably going to become some of my new favourites.

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