Another full face of one brand since I enjoyed the last one so much. This time though someone beat me to the punch as Jeffree Star did a video on his YouTube channel of this exact thing – a full face of Nyx products. While I don’t like to keep up with him anymore these days, I did watch the video knowing I had this post in my scheduled list, and luckily for me, most of the products are different, and the final look is miles apart, so I’m going ahead as planned with this one!

Nyx is one of my favourite drugstore brands. They have such a varied range of products, excellent quality, amazing price point, everything you want and expect from a makeup brand that got it’s reputation on the drag scene. And as with my L’Oreal version, I already had a lot of products I needed for this post. All I needed was a mascara, an eyeliner, and a primer; with my nice, short shopping list in mind, I jumped onto Cult Beauty and made my choices.

Here’s the final look I ended up with:

I ordered the Love Contours All palette a few weeks ago from Boots and loved the Autumn berry tones in it, so that’s where the inspiration started. I tried to use as much of the palette as I could and I really love it. There are 2 each of brow powders, contour and highloght colours, as well as 9 eyeshadows in various finishes. For this makeup look I used 4 of the eyeshadows as well as the darker brow colour as a transition shadow, and then the palest contour and lightest highlight. Everything I used blended beautifully, there was no fall out, nothing muddied up, and everything felt so well thought-out and put together.

I used some of my old faithful products as well, the Nyx HD Concealer Wand, the Matte Setting Spray, Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, and of course the Brow Gel in black. All these products have been mentioned tonnes on TSG, so you’ll all be bored of hearing of them, but I still and always will love them.

I didn’t use any blusher with this look, because I wanted the skin to be really pale and even and then have the berry tones in the eye and lip products be the stand out stars. I did use the Concealer Wand first, and then go in with my Total COntrol Drop foundation, which I have in the palest available shade. If you want to see my full thoughts on the foundation, check out last week’s beauty post right here.

The Doll Eye mascara is nice, but not the most mind-blowing mascara I’ve ever used, and the Super Skinny Eye Marker wasn’t great, but did the job. The one product in this look that I have a real problem with is the Soft Matte Lip Cream. I’ve tried this product so many times and so many times it’s patchy and difficult to work with and lets me down. I don’t know what the other shades in the range are like, but I’m over trying to get this damn liquid lip to work for me.

I think the standout for me in this challenge is definitely the Love Contours All palette. If you never try anything else by Nyx, I strongly suggest you try this palette. I’ve listed and linked all the products I used a little further down and if you do try any of them, let me know your thoughts!

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A great look that you created!


Thanks so much Laura!

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