We’ve all seen the blog posts and the videos of glamorous, designer handbags and the contents within. And I’ve always watched those videos and read those posts thinking “well that’s not what my bag looks like” and I’m pretty sure these videos aren’t representative of what most young women have in their handbags. So today as a little bit of fun, I’m bringing you guys the real tee about what I personally have in my handbag. And I’m not exaggerating when I say I literally up-ended my bag and what fell out is what you’re seeing here.

So let’s break this down. What do I really have in my handbag?

  • Unopened payslips from my current and a couple of previous jobs
  • Empty chocolate bar wrappers of indeterminate age… Up to but not limited to three or four years old
  • Pads, maybe the occasional tampon, all of which I’m entirely unsure how long they’ve been in there
  • Rogue dog biscuits from the bag bursting during my walk home from work
  • Plasters – clearly just in case I get injured on all the other random BS in my bag
  • Pens with no lids, and lids with no pens, because stationery is life after all

  • Christmas cards I forgot to give out last Christmas
  • An empty can of Impulse body spray from well over a year ago
  • A rogue Lemsip sachet from the last time I had a bad cold (or maybe the time before that… I forget)
  • Tissues, which for rather obvious reasons are not in any of these photos!
  • Supermarket receipts from several previous eras of history
  • Empty balled up plastic bags, because if they’re in my bag they’re not polluting the ocean

Incidentally, while I’m being completely honest and real about this, my handbag itself is about 7 years old, I got it from Next, and the zip doesn’t work. There’s other things in my bag as well, but if I’m totally honest I can no longer tell what any of it is; it’s probably crumbs from bygone packets of crisps or Malteasers that I had open in the bag.

I think what’s always got me most about these ‘What’s in My Bag’ tags is that it’s always a designer bag with beautifully clean, logical essentials and gorgeous little trinkets that make me feel really bad about the state of my own hand luggage. While I’m sure there’s many a blogger and YouTuber who genuinely does have one of these gorgeous, pristine handbags, I just don’t think it’s realistic to think that we’re all the same on this. Some of us, me most especially, have dark and questionable handbag histories! I just really wanted to do this post as a little bit of a laugh and making fun of myself and my complete lack of ability to handbag like a grown woman. I’m still doing it like I was when I was 16!

Hopefully someone else whose reading this is in the same position as me. If you are, please let me know in the comments so I don’t feel like such a failure!

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