We all love a good drugstore foundation. And today I’m reviewing one of the latest additions to this varied roster of products. The Nyx Total Control Drop Foundation offers a shade range that’s quite rare still for drugstore foundations, and from recent high end releases, it’s even more rare to include the palest and darkest shades in a product with a much bigger price tag. While this foundation isn’t the most inclusive I’ve ever seen, it’s certainly nice to see a wider range of shades and undertones catered for than we’ve seen recently.

So what’s this foundation really like? It’s marketed as being a buildable coverage, dewy finish that you can control minutely to achieve the perfect finish for your personal makeup style. These are all pretty big claims, and for a Nyx product, it’s not the cheapest I’ve ever come across either, retailing in Boots for £14.00, but can it really be worth that price tag?

Firstly, the bottle and packaging are great. The dropper is the perfect way to prevent contamination and germs in the rest of the product, meaning if you’re prone to breakouts like me, your foundation won’t become a festering hot mess of bacteria that wants to eat your face. And that means you can use all 13mls of product, without fear of it ruining your face. That being said, 13mls is a teeny tiny amount of product and when I first opened the box I was really surprised and felt a touch short changed!

I can’t tell you how much I love the overall finish of this foundation. Once I got it to blend and sit well, which was a little challenging, I fell in love with the colour and the finish. To find a foundation that’s the true colour of my skin, and to find a satin finish that can be mattified with a light powdering is something I’ve waited for from the drugstore for a long time. I will admit though that it took some serious work and quite a bit of time and product getting it to that stage.

Poor lighting but the wear and tear really shows here. This was after only a few short hours

It seemed to be incredibly thin, and it felt like the couple of drops didn’t go very far at all, meaning you need quite a bit of product, which in turn results in a much heavier coverage than you’d maybe want initially. I like a full coverage foundation, but sometimes I don’t want my foundation to be so thick, so this could be a problem for days you want a lighter coverage.

I think the biggest problem I’ve had with the Total Control Drop foundation is that with or without a primer it didn’t want to stick to my nose. I don’t know if it was the primer I was using, or if it was my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, but I had to spend more time applying more and more product to my nose than the rest of my face as a whole. This isn’t the first foundation I’ve had like this, but it’s certainly the most expensive one I’ve tried so far that’s done this. This foundation works out at over £1.00 per millilitre of product, so for that price, I expect it to apply evenly to my whole face!

A very unflattering close up of the foundation but I hope you can see how it settled into my pores and is really quite patchy

My thoughts on the Nyx Total Control Drop foundation are torn. I adore the colour range, the finish, and the dropper aspect, but the application, the price and the amount of work it takes to apply is just too much for me. I’ll be saving this product for when I have special occasions or specific makeup looks in mind as I’m not going to waste all that money and hard work on wearing it daily. Also, who the hell has the time to be blending and blending a difficult product on the daily?! I’d give this foundation a 6/10, none of which is given for the application or value for money, and is solely because I cant help but love the way it looks once you’ve put in all that hard work.

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