September is a good month for a lot of people. Now we’re grown ups and don’t have to go back to school, we get to focus on all the great things about the upcoming season. Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer. The gorgeous sunshine, the rare heat, the long drawn-out nights; it’s just idyllic. But Autumn has a special draw for me. Not only does it mean wearing knitwear all the time is socially acceptable, but it also means the death of midgies, the best parts of the year, and the stunning colours of the trees changing.

So today I’m bringing you my favourite ever things about Autumn, which for us here on Skye started about 3 weeks ago!

Nifty Knitwear

You’ll already know that I am a freezing cold person, and that I wear knitwear all year round. But the great thing about this time of year is all the new and lovely, fluffy knitwear that I get to buy and live in through the next 12 months. There’s something so satisfying about being out and about in the coldness with a super cosy knit on, or snuggled up inside listening to the wind and rain with a cardigan wrapped around you.

Nights at Home

By far one of the best parts of Autumn is the nights at home in front of the TV or reading a good book. Cosy and warm with the curtains drawn, there’s nothing quite as good as finding some awesome new series to watch or catching up with old favourites. I just find something so relaxing about the idea of hibernating inside and enjoying my own home and space.

Crisp Mornings

When I do feel like venturing outside during the Autumn, the clear, crisp, frosty mornings are the best time for me. They’re always so peaceful and hardly anyone else is ever around. I’m also a bit strange and find it really satisfying being able to hear my shoes crunching on the frosty grass. When the weather is still and clear there’s something so gorgeous about those early morning hours.

The Best Holidays

Guys, Halloween is just around the corner! I love Halloween, and for a change this year I’m actually planning well ahead. The last few years I’ve either been working or too disorganised and poor to do anything much for Halloween. But this year I’m ready and raring to go. I’ve got a great costume planned, some awesome blog posts, and I’m going to decorate the caravan with a little nod to the spooky season. Then after Halloween there’s my birthday, and since I’ll be turning 27 this year I’m planning a slightly more sophisticated birthday than previous years. And to top it all off, Autumn signals to me the countdown the Christmas! Another of my favourite holidays, Christmas is something that I plan for months in advance. I’ve got more ideas for this festive season than I’ve ever had before, and some new “traditions” that I’ll be starting. And I’m going to be blogging about some of my favourite ideas for it too so watch this space for that.

Autumn isn’t everyone’s favourite season, but for me it signals the start of all the best things that come round every year. From the weather to the socially acceptable hibernation, Autumn is a great time of year to think about taking some time out, starting something new, and enjoying the simple things in life.

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