Another Sunday, another sheet mask. Origins isn’t a brand I’ve used much of in the past, but these new sheet masks look and sound amazing so I thought I’d give them a try. I picked up this lavender sheet mask from Boots and used it for my weekly masking instead of my beloved Garnier Moisture Bomb tissue mask. The Garnier mask really sets the bar high for skin care of this sort, so how does the Origins Flower Fusions Sheet mask stack up?

The packaging and the idea is really cute. I love the thought of a sheet mask drenched in lavender and other skin goodies to really help you relax and unwind. So I had high hopes for this product from the get-go. That being said, I wasn’t entirely confident in putting something lavender on my face because I’ve never used lavender skincare before – if it was going to break me out, a ten minute sheet mask is the time!

This sheet mask has some really nice elements to it. The ingredients are lovely, the lavender is very relaxing for your skin, and I definitely saw my skin looking a little calmer after the ten minutes. I was also really pleasantly surprised by the quality of the mask itself. The tissue Origins have used is so thick, which unlike the Garnier Moisture Bomb doesn’t feel like it’ll fall to pieces if you handle it too harshly.

Other than an initial calming effect on my skin though, I didn’t see much difference. My skin didn’t feel more moisturised or nourished afterwards, and I had a few other issues with it too. Namely, the sheer thickness of the mask itself made it a big challenge to actually get the mask to sit right on my skin. It was like one part of the mask didn’t want to stick to my face which I found a little odd and counter-productive.

I can’t speak for the other masks in this range, but the lavender was a bit of a disappointment for me in the end. It was a nice ten minutes, but shortly after that there was no lasting effect of the mask, which I think is a great shame as there’s so much product in the sachet, it almost felt like a waste. Unlike the Garnier sheet mask, the Origins Flower Fusions doesn’t leave you with a huge amount of product left to work into the skin; it’s almost like the tissue is absorbing all that lovely lavender goodness and leaves you with nothing afterwards.

I’d maybe try one of the other Origins Flower Fusions sheet masks, as there are some amazing sounding ones in the range, but the lavender one has been a disappointment for me. It’s a great idea from a brand that I’ve previously overlooked, but the execution is lacking on this particular one. That being said, I really did like the lavender aspect of it, I just wish more of it had been left behind on my skin!

Have you tried this or any of the other Flower Fusion masks? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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