There’s been quite a few times in the last few months I’ve sat down the write this post and then it’s never happened. But the other day I realised it’s been a whole year since I stopped wearing bras and I wanted to talk a little bit about what I’ve noticed, learnt and the myths I’ve found to be either totally true, or totally not.

Some of the common problems with not wearing bras on the daily are simply in your head. You think everyone will notice, they’ll comment on it, maybe even laugh. And if you’re one of many who can get away without a bra, I strongly suggest you try it once in a while, even just for a few hours, so you can see the truth of what I’ve learnt for yourselves. To those with boobs too big to go without, I salute you, and I’m sorry this post isn’t going to be the most helpful thing in the world to you.

So, what’s the truth about not wearing a bra?

No bra = no support

People always ask me if I worry about that dreaded word – sagging. The short answer is no. I’m over 25 now, I’ve worn bras nearly every day since I was about 13 and in the last year I haven’t noticed a single difference in the placement of the girls (so called because they’re really rather small, so can’t be ladies). If you do have bigger boobs than me though and feel like you need a little more support, there’s plenty of options out there that aren’t as constrictive as a normal bra.

What about when you get older?

There have been numerous studies showing that actually, the way bras fit you cuts off essential blood flow and therefore accelerates the ageing process. By letting them run wild and free you’re doing yourself a huge favour. I’m becoming more of the opinion that certain things can be helped and other things just have to be left to go the natural way. You can change your hair colour, but you can’t stop ageing and gravity, so wearing a bra in the hopes it will make your boobs age gracefully seems counter-intuitive to me.

Nipples at work are really unprofessional

Yes. Yes they are. But at work I don’t wear anything that’s so thin you can see my nipples through my top. I’m lucky in that I’m a very cold person working in a very cold building, so I tend to wear at least a thin jumper every single day. I also wear layers underneath because I do get so chilly. That being said though, if your work has a preferred dress code then I doubt very much it would leave room for displaying ones nips unchecked. If you’re worried about it for your personal confidence though, you can get really cute, reuseable nipple pasties on places like Amazon that’ll take the worry right out of it for you.

Running in public must be embarrassing

Oh honey, do I look like I run?

What about when you do work out?

This is a concession to the no bra life that I do make. I do yoga and kettle bells with StrongFirst instructors, and the way they workout involves a lot of being upside down or on all fours etc. I don’t want a rogue breast falling out mid downward dog, so I do wear a sports bra for my classes. There are just some outfits, times and places that a bra of some sort is necessary, and flinging a kettle bell around and jumping into planks is definitely one of those!

I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt since I stopped wearing bras is that they actually did nothing for me except make me super uncomfortable. How clothes look on me is exactly the same, how confident I feel in my outfits is exactly the same, and how and what I choose to wear is exactly the same. My style hasn’t changed at all to hide the fact I’m bra-free, nor have I actually missed wearing bras. I’ve kept two bras out of a collection of about 30, plus I’ve bought two sports bras since I started working out again. If a time or outfit calls for a bra I know I have a choice of two (one isn’t even a proper bra, its a lovely Primark bralette), and for the number of occasions I actually need to wear a bra, two is more than enough!

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