Here I go banging on about budgets again! But this week I wanted to talk about how to make some super simple changes on a super small budget that can transform a super small space! Super, no?

The Gypsy Van renovation is coming along slowly but steadily, and most recently I started on the teeny tiny kitchen. When I first moved in, there was awful wall paper, fake pine cupboards and an awful beige glass splashback behind the stove. The first thing I did was paint everything white, obviously, but then more recently I wanted to bring more style and design to the space to create more zones and break the space up a bit more. And below you’ll find some little things I picked up whilst re-decorating my teeny tiny kitchen.

It goes Pinterest, Google, Amazon, eBay

Yes, I know, the pattern is messed up at one join, but give me props for never having done this before and repeating geometric patterns are surprisingly difficult!

I stumbled across Pinterest images of industrial style kitchens with really cool subway tiles and decided that’s what I wanted for my tiny kitchen. Of course, even though subway tiles are actually pretty cheap, there’s always a cheaper way to get the look and feel of a style. Once I’d looked into proper tiles though I headed straight to Amazon to look for an even more budget-friendly alternative. This really lovely subway tile effect wall paper is durable enough for use in a kitchen space, wipes clean really easily, and only cost me about £12.00 plus free shipping. Hanging wall paper seemed like a pretty old school thing to me, and I had no idea what I was doing. But with a tub of ready mixed wall paper paste and nothing else but some enthusiasm, I hung my lovely wall paper. Honestly, considering how cheap this roll was, I’m so pleased with the finished effect. It looks so much more expensive and really proves you can get an expensive, designer feeling on a really small budget.

Small spaces need cute storage

Having so little storage means some of the things I need daily have to be out on the counter top (which, incidentally is going to be recovered at some point, watch this space). Dan and I drink such a huge amount of tea it just makes sense to have our tea bags and sugar out by the kettle, but having things on display means just that – they’re on display. I got these really cute Kilner jars from my local Coop, and they were amazingly cheap. I think they only cost about £2-3 per jar and they hold a good amount as well as looking really cool with the industrial theme going on. You can also get really cute kitchen storage from Home Bargains, Ikea, Dunelm and other places like that.

Hone your hardware

After a lick of paint, which is the single cheapest way to imrpove any space, the next best thing for a new look kitchen is to replace door and drawer handles. These handles with a cool aged pewter effect came form B&Q, and they were more expensive than other parts of the kitchen makeover. That being said, new hardware like this is a really easy way to update any space and if you don’t want to spend £4 per handle, you can always shop around and find similar styles for less money. You can also buy dirt cheap handles and give them a coat of spray paint if you really want to get the same look for a tiny fraction of the cost. I chose to spend a little more on my handles just out of sheer laziness and not wanting to be bothered with spray painting so many.

Finishing touches

It’s amazing how little finishing touches can make such a huge difference to your space. You already know what a huge fan I am of fake flowers and plants, and they’re so cheap! You can also scour the sales for great towels and other kitchen accesories that are massively reduced. These super cute Scandi tea towels are from Debenhams, and were originally about £15 for a pack of 3, but I found them during mid-season sales and got them for 20% off. Folded neatly and draped in front of the awful looking oven, they lift that part of the space and make it slightly less ugly! And if anyone’s wondering, the huge glass jar in the back of this shot came from Dunelm a few years ago and cost something ridiculous like £6 and has served me well for storing cereals or biscuits, depending on my mood!

So all in all, including paint, wall paper, and all the little odds and ends, my kitchen makeover probably cost me about £50. There’s still a few things to do – recover the counter tops, new crockery, etc. – but for the most part my kitchen finally has a style and a theme that I’m really pleased with. And for such a low budget I think it’s turned out really well and I can’t wait to see the whole Gypsy Van renovation when  it’s all done!

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Your space is so cute xx Totally inspired me to do up our kitchen now!!


Awh thanks Maddi! Send me a photo of your kitchen when you’re done 🙂 x

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