Another super awesome blog for you today and one that I’m so so excited to be talking about! A little while ago I accosted the lovely Maria about doing this post and she was kind enough to let me loose on her blog and have a good dig around. This is one of those blogs that I found after connecting with it’s owner on Twitter and honestly I could not be happier about having met Maria. She’s not only a fantastic writer and content creator, she’s also such a lovely, genuine person with a heart of gold. So a big ol’ thanks a million to her for letting me pilfer her gorgeous blog.

As per my usual format, I’ve pulled things together from Life With Maria to give you the ultimate curated experience of her blog that’ll make you fall in love and go on over and give her a follow. Extra bonus points if you subscribe to her YouTube which has some truly stunning videos (I’m particularly fond of her Scotland vlogs, obviously).

Make Up Look: Goth Doll
Highland Adventure: Day Four in Scotland
On Weight Gain and Being a Girl Boss
How to Buy New Clothes but Save Money

What I love most about Maria’s blog is the fact that her personality just shines from every single image and post. The effort she clearly puts in is matched only by her talent in creating original content at great production value. And she’s one of the most engaged and friendly bloggers I’ve ever met. I definitely sound like I’m fangirling here but Life With Maria is seriously one of the best blogs I’ve ever come across and I think you should all go over and check her out!

If you want to follow Maria anywhere else you can find her on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. And I strongly suggest that you do that, because all her content is unique and creative, and she’s just a lovely, genuine person as well!

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This is just the most beautiful post about me- I’m so overwhelmed, thank you so much you gorgeous human being- I don’t deserve it!!


Staaaaahp! You’re so cute and you totally do deserve it! The amount of work you put into your content is insane and people should tell you more often!

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