Sunday funday again and this week I’ve been playing with some really amazing glitter and created this graphic eye look. It’s a little bit mermaid, and if you added some glitter tears it would be even more amazing, but since I was going out the day I did this makeup, I skipped on the glitter tears and kept it a smidge more wearable! Full list of products, and a step by step as to how I created this look down below!

As usual with a glitter look, I started with my eye makeup first and then cleaned up the fall out with Micellar water after. When it came to the bottom lash line glitter, I was just incredibly slow and careful with my glitter application!


  • Prime lids using the LA Girl Pro Concealer in Porcelain
  • Set the concealer using any matte eye shadow that matches your skin tone
  • Using the L’Oreal Superliner Superstar Eyeliner in black, I then traced out the rough shape for the outer corner of the eye, taking it out in a wing shape and up into the crease of the lid
  • Fill in the wing shape and the whole lid with black eye shadow – I used both the matte black shade from my Crown Smoke It Out Too palette and Mac’s Carbon
  • Using a soft blending brush, run a small amount of the black shadow through the crease to soften the line
  • Take a glitter glue or primer like the NYX Glitter Primer and apply a small amount just to the centre of the lid
  • Using as flat brush, pack glitter straight onto the glue/primer – the glitter I used for this is by Violet Voss and is called Siren Fantasy
  • Mirror these steps on the bottom lash line and then highlight the inner corners once you’ve finished your base
  • Add a good coat of black mascara – I’m still loving the L’Oreal Miss Hippie




  • Lord & Berry Crayon lip colour in Flush, applied once and then blotted away immediately to create a lighter stain

I’m actually really pleased with how this look turned out! For a while I sat there and dithered about doing a bolder lip, but in the end, I think a nude lip is a classic way to make sure the eyes are the focal point of this look. Couple some glitter with flawless skin and a nude lip and you’ve got a show stopping makeup look that’s also really quite wearable. You could easily make this look far more editorial as well by using some more interesting ‘brush stroke’ styles, or more glitter, or indeed swapping some of the elements around and doing a glitter lip or brow instead.

Let me know what you think of this look in the comments below!

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