Happy Sunday guys! This week I’m reviewing a new shampoo and conditioner I’ve been trying out that were recommended to me by my work colleague. I always try to get my hands on things people recommend to me as I’ve always found I’m more likely to find a great product that way.

Hask is a new name to me, I have no clue how long they’ve been around as I feel like they’ve only just become widely available in Boots and similar places. They make an Argan oil shampoo and conditioner that’s recommended for unruly hair like mine, and it’s advertised as being safe for colour treated hair, so it was the perfect range for me to try Not only have I been colouring my hair black for more than a decade, but it’s also massively thick, with a mind of it’s own.

We all know the advantages of using Argan oil in hair care to keep things tame and shiny and lovely, but mostly, you’ll find products on the market that are a finishing oil or styling product. Hask shampoo and conditioner incorporates Argan oil into the washing process making it much easier to make use of this great ingredient without having to add an extra step into my hair care routine!

Since I started using the Hask Argan oil shampoo and conditioner, I’ve definitely noticed my hair is so much softer and shinier. There’s an obvious difference in my hair now compared to my old shampoo and conditioner, and people have even commented on how shiny and healthy my hair is looking now. It’s a good start, but I’ve definitely noticed a few negatives that over time, might push me to change my hair care again.

One of the main problems I’ve come across with these products is that I’m needing to wash my hair more frequently. For months now I’ve been trying to get my hair to the point where I can get away with only washing it a couple of times a week. Mostly because I’m super lazy, but also to allow my hair a rest between washes and maintain the natural balance of the hair. With the Argan oil in the Hask range, I’m needing to wash my hair every other day, or spend the third day with very heavy, greasy feeling hair. My hair does feel weighed down by day three which I’m not thrilled about, but maybe in time as my hair adjusts I’ll be able to stretch this out a bit.

I’ve also found that using Argan oil based hair care has made my hair less voluminous looking. My hair is incredibly thick naturally, and it weighs a lot, but with other shampoos and conditioners I’ve had in the past I’ve always had lovely, full, bouncy hair that I’ve been very grateful for! With the oil component in the Hask products though it has felt less bouncy and even heavier than usual.

All in all, these products are well made, cruelty free, effective, and do exactly what’s promised on the bottles. The downsides of added weight to my hair and a decrease in time between washes though do make me think that these products might be a short term thing for me, but I can easily see how they’d work brilliantly for someone with even more unruly hair than mine. I think the combination of my long, very heavy hair and the Argan oil creates a lot of extra weight in my hair that stops it being a good match for me, but they are really lovely products otherwise! And for £6.99 a bottle (or £11.20 for both from this Amazon seller) I think the overall effect on my hair is great, I just wish it wasn’t quite so heavy!

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Hi there – Hask argon oil and conditioner damaged my hair and skin. I loved it in the beginning, but began to have eyelid swelling, awful dry skin on my face and upper body (feels like a sunburn you can’t see), strange bumps on my face, hair felt and looked like straw and then began to fall out.

I only recently made the connection after many months of damage and now have to strip my hair of all the silicone these products left behind. I warn everyone about this. There are articles online that explain why these products cause so much damage. Apparently, the REAL Argon oil (if you can find it) is very good for your hair and skin… but after this, I will be hesitant to take a chance.

I hope posting this info helps. I don’t want anyone else to go through this!


Hi Amy, thanks so much for the info. That’s an awful experience, I can’t believe the chances of this reaction aren’t more widely known! Thank you for posting this here, hopefully it helps balance my article and lets people make a more informed choice. I didn’t have any reaction at all longer term to these products, but I wouldn’t want anyone else to have to discover this for themselves either. Thank you!

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