I’m addicted to Tinder nightmares. Having had a few right corkers myself, I appreciate a good story of complete and abject failure at attracting another human being. That being said, Tinder unknowingly did something pretty amazing for me when I met my boyfriend Dan on there over a year ago.

My tale of Tinder triumph began shortly after New Year of 2016. I was newly single, a little overweight, a lot tipsy, and thought Tinder would be a great idea. Within an hour of downloading it and setting up my perfect profile I was bored. It was constant left swiping, they’re all awful, I don’t want them even looking at my profile, nevermind anything else. The worst ones were the profiles with suspiciously committed looking couples in the main photo. Dude, get your ass off Tinder and learn to respect your significant other.

I matched with a couple of guys who were nice enough but boring. So much small talk, so many empty questions, stupid pick up lines, and my personal favourite… the utterly foul sexually aggressive opening line. These guys were the most entertaining because I delighted in cutting them dead short and writing huge paragraphs of angry preaching about respecting women. When they got angry it was hilarious.

And just as my opinion of men was hitting rock bottom, I matched with Dan who was really local to me. So local in fact the first thing I ever said to him was that I knew him and I couldn’t think of where from. As it turned out, we’d met in person at a gala several years ago and I was friendly with one of his brothers! I challenged him to find me on Facebook in ten seconds and within 5 I had a friend request from him. He’s always said he hadn’t already looked for me on Facebook but I don’t believe him; you can’t open an app and find someone on it that quickly!

We spoke online for a couple of weeks. He called me from a small local music festival one weekend drunk, at about 2am. He chatted away and then sang Michael Buble’s ‘Moondance’ really loudly down the phone as he stood in a queue for an after party and I wet myself laughing. We arranged to meet up and a couple of weeks later he came to the Gypsy Van to pick me up for a date. I, obviously, was running late and nowhere near ready! So we had drinks while I finished my makeup and got changed.

We actually never went out for a date in the end, we just sat at mine having drinks and talking until about 6am the next morning. He played his guitar and we swapped stories all weekend and that was pretty much it! After that first weekend we were inseparable. Very slowly he moved in and now here we are. Over a year down the line we’re living together full time, we’re working on the renovation of the Gypsy Van together, and making plans for the place for when we’ve moved.

I know pretty much everyone on Tinder is looking for anything but a relationship, but I really think that you can find good people on there. It’s like meeting people in real life though, there’s always those awful, over-confident, gross guys that think purely because you’re female you’re going home with them. And equally, there’s those genuinely amazing people who you’ll sync up with as if you’ve always known them. Tinder’s great in the sense that you never know who you’re going to find. And yes it’s like sifting through a full skip. Wade through all the trash and find the hidden gem and it not only makes for a great relationship, but a pretty good story too!

Have you got any Tinder nightmare or success stories? I’d love to hear them in the comments šŸ™‚

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This is such a cute story! I’ve gone on tinder a few times, and just gone on some horrid dates! Maybe I’ll make a post about it one day. I’m glad to see you found your happily ever after xxx

Melina | http://www.ivefoundwaldo.com


Awh Melina thank you! I’m always telling people they should try Tinder at least once but the awful guys I met on there were quite something! Would love to read a post about your Tinder nightmares though, just hope none of them were too horrendous for you! xxx


They weren’t too too bad, they’re actually quite funny to look back on !


This is so sweet šŸ˜ you look so happy, you guys really deserve the best xx


Thank you so much Maddi! We look happy in these photos but secretly I’m raging because it’s so difficult to get a good photo of us together haha! xxx

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