My current obsession in makeup and skincare is back again with a new product. I said a little while ago that I had fallen in love with Pixi skincare and wanted to try more of their makeup, so when I saw the relatively new Natural Brow Duo on Cult Beauty that was my decision made! You’ll already know that I love a good brow, but I’m not a huge fan of brow pencils. I love the idea of an angled, soft pencil that creates a natural looking, groomed brow though, so this sounded like a perfect product for my continued introduction to brow pencils.

The first thing I have to mention in this review is that the first Brow Duo I ordered arrived broken, so after some really efficient emailing back and forth between myself and the lovely Ana at Cult Beauty’s customer service, a new one was sent out to me within 2 days of the broken one arriving. Honestly it was one of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had and would recommend Cult Beauty purely for their customer service team. So thank you to them for being so good at what they do!

First impressions of this product were mixed to say the least. The pencil felt really hard and didn’t seem to have much pigment when I swatched it on my hand, and the gel seemed to have no pigment at all. The first time I used the gel on my brows it was a very wet feeling formula which seemed to take a long time to dry down. It wasn’t the best first impression I’ve ever had, to be honest.

My hand swatch looked like this product was going to be a complete failure from start to finish, however, when I first used to pencil on my brows I noticed it behaves very differently. It’s not the best at laying down pigment, but it definitely worked. I can’t fault the end result, which was a groomed, well-defined, natural brow. There are still some highs and lows to the this though.

Pixi is one of my favourite mid-range brands, and their skincare is some of the best I’ve ever tried. And I’ve said before that I’d love to try more of their makeup, so I was super excited to start with a product that’s so me. But this brow pencil is pretty low impact. It’s not strongly pigmented, it’s not as soft as other pencils I’ve swatched from other brands, and it took me quite a while to actually get my brows looking the way I wanted them to.

After a long time working with the pencil and blending it over and over, the gel was initially a disappointment. It’s meant to be tinted, and in the tube it looks black, but on swatching and application it’s basically a clear gel. There’s no pigment there at all to speak of. It also, like I’ve already said, a very wet formula that took a while to dry down. However, when it did dry down it made my brows totally smudge proof! I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I rubbed my brows pretty vigorously and there was not a single smudge anywhere to be seen!

Right eyebrow filled in with the Pixi Natural Brow Duo and left eyebrow left unfilled to show the difference

All in all I’m undecided about this product. I love how bullet proof my brows were once they were done, but I really don’t enjoy having to spend a few days on blending and filling in one brow! In some ways the Pixi Brow Duo was a total let down for me and in other ways it’s lived up to Pixi’s sterling reputation. The lack of pigment is frustrating, but the overall effect is quite lovely really. 5/10, I’m totally on the fence about this one. Have you tried this product? Let me know what you thought of it!

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