Hey guys! I recently got back into using my Polyvore account after I decided to create some of my own moodboards for certain plans I have for the future. Usually I’d just use Polyvore for outfit inspo, but I’ve been finding it really useful to narrow down my ideas for the office we’re hoping to have once we move. So today I’d like to share some of my thoughts with you guys. I don’t have exact items in mind yet, I’m just looking at inspo pieces from Polyvore & Pinterest right now. You can find details of all the products I’ve used on my Polyvore, so if you see something you love, you can find out where to buy it!

What we’re hoping to do is have an office space that doubles as a studio for Dan’s music. Somewhere practical and soundproof that’s also cosy and inspirational. Since the office will double as a place for me to have a photo set up and do all my blog work, it’s also got to have nice light for photos, versatile storage, and beautiful yet useful things in it. A lot of stuff that we’ll be needing will have to be DIY builds as what we want simply doesn’t exist anywhere. Creating our own desk and storage solutions though gives us the chance to really customise them and make them work for us, so that’s perfect!

Storage is something that really can only be dictated by the use of the space you have. I’ve looked at a lot of storage solutions and seen a few that we could buy and make work, but I really just use this exercise for inspiration. Building our own storage is also going to be a must as we’re not only building our own desk, but with my blogging and Dan’s music, we have some very specific uses for drawers & shelves etc! Firstly, Dan’s computer needs to be kept shut off from the mic and other equipment whilst recording to avoid feedback, so we’re thinking about creating a deep drawer with plenty of ventilation that fits his laptop. That way he can use the whole space and not have to worry about being too close to the laptop.

The desk we want is going to be a bar height, full length, chunky wood piece. We’re building that ourselves and then we’ll need to design storage for underneath it. I’d also like to have some pull-out shelves under it too to make some things more easily accesible, but I haven’t quite decided firmly on that yet.

Obviously the bit I’m most excited about is making it look pretty! As with the Gypsy Van, it’s going to be a white and grey colour scheme with a Scandi/Industrial/Mid-century mash up vibe (hopefully that looks good!) I’m also insiting on having lots and lots of real plants and flowers in the office space as it will be a cat-free zone and they won’t be able to poison themselves with any of it! I also love the idea of plants in an office just to keep everything fresh and to renew the air frequently. I’m specifically looking at indoor plants that are good for cleaning air, but also really hard to kill as I’m no Green Thumb!

Don’t forget to check out my Polyvore account for anything you’ve seen here that you love. I’m more active on Polyvore now I have a project to work on, so if you fancied giving me a follow then that’s cool too! I can’t wait to see what the finished office will look like and how close it will come to my inspo boards here; hopefully it looks as good in reality as it does in my head!

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