I’ve got a bit of a theme going this week don’t I? Wednesday’s post was about self-care, and here’s the ultimate self-care night in. So light some candles and incense, stick on your favourite podcast or music, and follow these steps for the ultimate at home spa night. Or day. Whichever.

I’ve done a post in the past about some aspects of what’s in today’s post, but to put it all together and have a head to toe pamper session at home, where you can really relax, that’s best way to spend a quiet evening home alone. I’ve broken it down here into three sections, starting with a nice relaxing bath right through to climbing blissfully into a comfy bed and having the best night’s sleep ever.

In the Bathroom

A bubble bath and a face mask has to be one of the most indulgent feelings in the world. The only thing more indulgent in my book is doing both these things while eating Ben & Jerry’s, but I save that for only the most special of occasions! Sanctuary make some utterly gorgeous bath products, and if you’re feeling like a thorough pamper, a full body scrub to remove all those dead skin cells and brighten the skin is a must. Follow a scrub with a long, relaxing soak in your favourite bubble bath or oils, play some music, light some candles, just zone out or whatever else you rarely have time for. I like to do my L’Oreal Detox Clay Mask after a bath or shower as then the steam has opened up my pores and loosened everything up (or so I feel anyway).

Head to Toe

Immediately after getting out of the bath I’ll moisturise. It’s a good idea to do this after you’ve done a full body scrub as it helps lock in the softness and replenish any moisture your scrub may have stripped away. Something really thick and luxurious is best for pamper night, like the Garnier Ultimate Blends Face & Body for sensitive areas. It’s too rich for my face, but for the rest of my body it’s perfect for creating lovely soft skin and it smells amazing too. I also like to add an oil to my hair as I don’t bother with conditioner if I’m having a bath. Then with a nice chunky comb, I gently brush through my hair to work the oil evenly through it. Next I’ll use my Pixi Glow Tonic to tone my face before applying my sheet mask of choice. While this is working it’s magic, I’ll start on my nails, both hands and feet, shaping and doing basecoat ready for colour later on.

Get Cosy

Once all the work is done, I’ll throw on my comfiest clothes and a cosy pair of socks (also great for helping that moisturiser work into the skin) and then settle down with a good book, magazine or to a great movie. When your sheet mask is finished, remove it and massage the remaining serum into the skin for added bonus points. Then after a while I’ll maybe paint my nails, have a super indulgent snack, and then head to bed feeling calm and relaxed. I try to stay away from my phone if I can possibly avoid it on nights like this as it just keeps me wired and switched on otherwise. The whole point of my ultimate pamper night in is to switch off from everything I do on a day-to-day basis and reconnect with the things I love but have no time for normally.

Usually the morning after a pamper night like this I sleep until lunch time just because I’m so relaxed. I think everyone should have a night to themselves every now and again and properly recharge their batteries. Let me know what your favourite pamper activities are in the comments below!

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I don’t ever have spa days or nights…reading this post inspired me to have one 🙂
I also really want to try that L’Oreal mask.

Your blog is so pretty to look at (^-^)


Oh good! I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Thank you so much, that’s really sweet of you to say. Oh and the L’Oreal mask is such a favourite, it’s well worth trying 🙂 x

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